Muses #AtoZChallenge

“Animus!” Epicene storms in the house holding a decorative rock and small pot. “Animus! Where the hell are you?” Epicene huffs trying to hold in a scream. That muse is going to pay.


Epicene’s words die on Epicene’s tongue as Epicene’s eyes land on Animus casually leaning on the door frame eating a cup of pudding. A large maroon wife beater hangs off one shoulder with dark fitted jeans and bare feet twist Epicene’s tongue. His blonde hair and longer bangs cover half of Animus’ face giving the muse a playful quality. Multiple bracelets make a chiming noise as Animus eats his pudding. Long ends on a hemp bracelet come dangerously close to skimming the pudding.

Animus is handsome and sure, exactly everything Epicene isn’t. “Were,” Epicene looks away, nerves and something Epicene doesn’t want to acknowledge surfaces, “you in my garden?” Epicene holds out the decretive rock and pot as evidence.

A snort from Animus pulls a frown from Epicene. “No. Just cause I wanted a pool and you insist on that damn garden doesn’t mean I’ll trash it.” Animus digs in the cup for the last morsels of pudding. “I do have some standards, you know.”

Epicene deflates a little, unsure. “Then?” Epicene’s eyes land on Animus’ feet. A small smidgen of dirt on Animus’ foot spikes Epicene’s anger. “You were in my garden!”

Animus drops his spoon in the cup and tossed up his free hand. “I did not!”

“Dirt.” Epicene points.

Animus looks down for himself. “What? This?” He holds up his foot and points. “I went out the front to help Dig and stepped in his front mud patch.”

“You ruined my garden!”

“No. I. Didn’t.” Animus rolls his eyes and turns for the kitchen.

Epicene’s anger takes over making Epicene tremble. “Don’t lie to me.”

“Not doing this with you.” Animus dumps his spoon in the sink and the cup in the trash. “Not doing it, Epicene.”

“But you’re lying! You trashed my garden to get back at me for the pool! Why? That’s so mean…” Epicene is hurt Animus would do something like this. If anything, Epicene thought more of Animus than this. Epicene’s feelings for Animus make it hard for Epicene.

“I didn’t!” Animus moves past Epicene, heading for his bedroom. “Believe what you want. It doesn’t matter what I say.” The muse disappears and slams his door leaving Epicene standing alone and hurt.

Swallowing, Epicene looks down as tears begin to form. The rock feels all too heavy and the pot too empty just like Epicene’s heart.

From the first time they met Animus made Epicene so angry. The two clashed and fought for weeks till they evenly divided everything in their home. Now everything is pretty much that way except where Lor, their author, is concerned. Animus pretty much hordes all of her time leaving little moments for Epicene to pop in and whisper something of significance. But this is just so mean…

A sound outside pulls Epicene’s attention. A pig rutting around in the garden makes Epicene blink. The heavy potbellied pig rummages around before wondering off back out of the open gate. A loud voice calling for Larry and a pig squeak makes Epicene feel like a complete heel.

Epicene caused a fight where there wasn’t one. “Animus, I’m sorry…” The silence of the house plunges Epicene further into loneliness.

About Lor Rose

I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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