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What do y’all think?

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Newsletter Question

Would you guys like an ongoing story (whatever) in my newsletter? It’d be an exclusive thing only available in the newsletter. No subscribe no story for you. What do you think?

Expansion Vote

I need y’all’s opinion on something.

I’ve included links to four stores from this year’s A to Z Challenge. Which would you like to see expanded into a 5,000(ish) word story? I’m not telling you why. Just trust me. You can vote for your favorite story again after six hours. Voting ends on the 20th at midnight central time.

  1. Flameflowers
  2. White Water Wafting
  3. XCI
  4. Yin Yang
(Keep in my mind that for the A to Z Challenge I use names that start with the same letter. For this expanded story some names might change to avoid confusion when reading.)

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