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If you’re looking for some awesome writing prompts for whatever reason check out I’m the brain behind the insanity.

You may find something that sparks your imagination.

Is a Schedule…

I realized I don’t post on here enough… Because of this, starting in July I’m going to try and keep a schedule-ish thing. Try is the keyword here. If this holds and I follow it [kind of, sort of] this is what the schedule will look like.

  1. Mercy Monday:
    • First Monday of every month: Are You Writing Now post
    • Ever Monday after: Are You Writing Now post update
  2. Teaser Tuesdays: NSFW (usually) snippets from something I’m working on and perhaps a pic or two [equally NSFW]
  3. WIPed Wednesday: I talk about something from my WIPile or back-list and perhaps a pic or two
  4. Thirsty Thurs: Nommy NSFW pics
  5. Fiasco Fridays:
    1. First Friday: TGIF – Some of my favorite things: TV shows, movies, music, food, hobbies, ect.
    2. Second Friday: Fetishes – with pics! This day features different fetishes from
    3. Third Friday: Fluffies – cute or sweet pics! Kritters may apply.
    4. Fourth Friday: Forever Friday – Guest Posts

Ask Author Hot Seat

If you emailed in some Qs or just plain ol’ curious about me than head over to The Purple Fantasy Den check out my answers.

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