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Well this certainly is unexpected…

So what I do (that is vital to my process & I mean vital) is write out an overall outline for the book & from that I derive individual chapters. Well last night I finally (and I mean finally) hit the half way mark for chapter two and realized that I’ve already reached my “word count limit” for that chapter. Well damn and double damn.

Ok I don’t really have a limit but I want to try and keep each chapter between 3000 & 3500(ish) words. Continuing on.

If I finish out chapter two’s outline it will well exceed that margin. So I either have to squeeze 3000 words out of a press conference and hotel scene (which I can easily do) or scrap it.

Hmmm after writing this I’m going to “squeeze” in some words. It can easily be done. Woohoo! Now it’ll be 16 chapters instead of 15. All is good in my world again

With Affection,


Well damn…

Sunday was very productive with 3,500+ words. Monday and Tuesday… Not so much BUT on Tuesday I did somehow manage to write an overall outline for a side book to my current series. Ive also got a general idea for another side book for the same series.

BUT originally the book I outlined was supposed to be a stand alone book but I got the idea if integrating it with the series I have as a spinoff. I think I did good on that, yea?

Anyways that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m thinking till my new contacts come in I’m screwed on the writing front. These old contacts hurt my eyes to look at a screen and the glasses I have are the wrong prescription. Damn. Oh well that is life.

With Affection,

I have made a change…

But I think it’ll do nicely. I’ve changed the last book title for B&W’s series. I also came up with a title for a 6th book if all permits. I’m thinking it will. Oh you all shall see. Anyways I also came up with the plot for the 6th book as well. Even of things don’t permit I can always write it for myself 😀

With Affection,

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