Woven small ban

J’Leigh Zolnerowich and Ty Kesey were looking for some threesome fun when they found Talon, an escort with The Devil’s Playground. It was a way to live their sexual kinks without destroying the trust they had in each other. What neither counted on was their feelings developing into something more for Talon. Ty knew they were just clients to Talon and constantly reminding J’Leigh wore him down more than he admitted…

Talon was a Texas gentleman when he decided to move away from home. He was excited to find a reputable company to work with. Even more so, he loved bringing his clients happiness and pleasure. His sexuality was his power until his “boyfriend” Greg ripped it all away. The only thing keeping Talon going was the relationship and love he saw in J’Leigh and Ty, a relationship and love he wanted for himself…

  1. Woven: Recoil (teaser available)
  2. Woven: Affliction
  3. Woven: Forever
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