Freeing Pain: Annex

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Jude Kash’s life was filled with abused animals and too little sleep. His work at the We Are One Foundation brought him his new devil-dog Teddy Bear and his new obsession: an abused liger named Sampson.

Sampson suffered from poor living conditions and threats with a gun. Jude, or Kash to his friends, witnessed it first hand when he snuck onto Whitman’s, Sampson’s owner’s, property. When Kash and others from the We Are One Foundation finally make a plan to rescue poor Sampson things go terribly wrong.

When Kash finally regains consciousness he awoke to a very handsome and naked man taking care of him. Kash felt a connection with the man he couldn’t explain. The man introduced himself as Maj and explained everything except for one small detail of his life: he was Sampson, a liger shifter.

Kash took the news considerably well except for one problem… that detail wasn’t so small, in fact, it could cost Kash his life.





After reading the original story (a short short version of only about five pages) and liking it, I was excited to see that the author has now written a longer tale… The additional details on Jude, an extra second twist, and the extra dimension added depth to the characters and the world, and made me a very happy reader.

If you like stories about men who fight for what they believe in, if you’re looking for a world with more than a few surprises, and if you’re looking for a read with a definite paranormal edge, then you will probably enjoy this novella.

— Serena

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