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Confusion Fun & a Contest

So I keep this spreadsheet of all my series. There was one titled Faction and another Occult. I thought they were one in the same, just a name change. I looked into it and they’re two different things… Oops. Not to mention I thought Occult was something completely different then what it actually is. Double oops.

Anyway… The thing I thought Occult was needed some love. Here is what I came up with. Have fun with this little teaser. (PS- if you can tell me what anime I adapted this from I’ll write something just for you. Check my contest page for details).

Ire and spite will itch and hunger. Itch and hunger, itch and hunger. Ire and spite will itch and hunger, my fair lady.

Lax and vanity will relish in sin. Relish in sin, relish in sin. Lax and vanity will relish in sin, my fair lady.

Lindsey Stirling

Love. Lindsey Stirling’s first self titled album is available on iTunes.

Hold On

The underlying sex and hard beat make Adam Lambert’s Hold On my new favorite at the moment.

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