Sastrugi ban

Living in a secluded, uninhabited, portion of Alaska polar bear shifters are forbidden to make contact with the outside world. Their race must remain pure, after all they are the only ones left. Actively hunting any man who comes too close to their secret gives them a bad name. Keeping their secret and their purity is what’s most important. More important than any unpure mate.

  1. Shear Walls
  2. Ice Lake
  3. Dendrite
  4. Ablation
  5. Frazil
  6. Sill Ice
  7. Accretion
  8. Verglas
  9. Polycrystal
  10. Permafrost
  11. Firn
  12. Candled Ice
  13. Red Snow
  14. Breakup Jam
  15. Quinzy
  16. Pipkrake
  17. Sublimation
  18. Graupel
  19. Rime
  20. Vitreous Ice
  21. Neve

:: Series Finished ::

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