Uberleben ban

Life before was nothing but a memory. Some reminiscence over a past life but it seemed more a story than reality. Was there a life before? Barbed-wire high fences and brick buildings was all anyone knew. Hard meaningless labor filled their days and nightmares haunted their nights. Shots rang and everyone knew someone somewhere was gone forever. Food was scarce, if given at all.

Nothing before this, if there was a life before this, could have prepared Julian Sark for life in Auschwitz.  A new American, Grahf Ansel Falco, peeked Julian’s interest but he knew opening himself to anyone, on any level, was asking for pain. But, the American gave Julian hope and hope was a dangerous thing. The new SS Leader in charge, Hans Engel, only complicated matters for Julian and Grahf.

  1. Survive
  2. Out of Bonds
  3. Ruminate
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