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I Counted…


Dominik – 7 (two not yet posted)

Aksel – 5

Rex – 5

Bishop – 5

Titus – 5



Life is Priceless – 15

The Cornerstone Foundation – 15

Plaything and Toyless Trinkets – 9

Tarragon – 10 (two not yet posted)

Dinosaur Island – 14

Blizzard Lions – 14

Sastrugi – 21

Single Title – 1

TOTAL: 137


Deceivers – 5

Damnation – 3

Single Titles – 3

Valk – 8

Experiment 783 – 4

Unknown Society – 7

Single Titles – 2

Shorts – 27


195 Doesn’t include several anthology novellas and shorts I plan on completing for an open call or two new books. Nor does it include several idea I have floating in my head that yet have names or any real purpose.

Yeah, I counted. I shouldn’t have.


Oct 15th thru the 22nd GRL WEEK

This marks the beginning of #GRL2012 and I’m super excited! Below is the schedule for each day but not everything. It’s only things I’m most interested in going to but I can assure you I will probably filter though as many things as humanly possible.

Monday the 15th –

  • Arrive in Albuquerque, NM around 1:30 Mountain time
  • Wait around for an hour to meet Vic at his gate
  • Gather our things, head out side, and molest Patty for the first time ever cause she’s picking us up
  • After this I’ve no idea
Tuesday the 16th –
  • No idea what’s happening
Wednesday the 17th –
  • pre-GRL Sante Fe Excursion
Thursday the 18th – GRL BEGINS
  • Pimp Your Badge
  • Spotlight: Riptide Publishing
  • Readings: Ethan Day, Cherie Noel, Christopher Koehler, Ally Blue 
  • Red Hot Pictionary
  • MLR Press Opening Reception
  • Gentlemen’s Juke Joint
Friday the 19th –
  • Samhain Press Build-A-Burrito Breakfast
  • Spotlight: Storm Moon Press
  • Spotlight: Silver Publishing
  • Old Town Excursion into Albuquerque
  • MLR Press Day of The Dead Party
  • Karaoke Like a Rock Star with Resplendence Publishing
Saturday the 20th –
  • Loose ID French Toast Breakfast
  • Spotlight: Loose ID Publishing 
  • Silver Publishing Trail Ride Barbecue On The Law
  • The Kinda Kinky Craft Fair
  • GayRomLit Book-signing Event 
  • Cosmos Cabaret Lounge with Dreamspinner Press
Sunday the 21st –
  • Silver Publishing Closing Brunch and Farewell Ceremony
Monday the 22nd –
  • Fly home

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