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This Isn’t Love UPDATE

So for this week I’ve written 3,220 of the three it once again has the lowest word count.

But be nice because I’m writing two other books along with this one!

Like I said in my previous post this one is hard to write for me. It’s coming along slowly but surely. 

With Affection,

Tell Me So, Even If It’s a Lie UPDATE

Allll righty this week I’ve written 3,432 for the book.

Now do keep in mind I’m writing two other books as well so be nice to me!

I’ve also posted two snippets of this one you mind them here:

Snippet One

Snippet Two

With Affection,

How Can This Be UPDATE!!

Sooooo this week I wrote 4,929 for Barrack and Willow’s third! Woot!!

But remember I am writing two other books at the same time so do be nice to me!

At this point I haven’t split any chapter outlines or anything but everything is going wonderfully and my beta reader is very pleased!

With Affection,

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