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January 2013

As you’ve probably seen, I’m striving for the one million maker this year. Yes, I’m insane. Helping me stay on track is my “Are You Writing Now” blog. I keep it separate from my site because I wanted all my goal orientated posts in one spot.

Here is the link for January 2013. There you can see everything I’ve been up to and what I’ve planned for February 2013. Did I mention there’s delicious man candy, too?

REVIEW Tuxedos & Corsets

Tuxedos and Corsets by Trillium
Lights Out Press
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Roses: 4

Can a kinky couple catch the culprit?

Maura Briggs has only one goal–to get her PI license, open her own agency and protect abused women, but the attitudes of 1960s New York City and her own submissive desires keep getting in the way. She’s sworn off the S&M scene after being beaten by her last master. But she wasn’t counting on her new boss.

Mike Drake needs to resuscitate his detective agency. His new client appears to be perfectly poised to help him. Faberge eggs are disappearing during the gentleman’s soirees. He wants Mike to come to the next party and catch the thief. There’s only one problem. The client wants Drake’s new secretary to attend with him–dressed in a corset, stockings, heels and…nothing else.


Trillium’s latest work Tuxedos and Corsets follows Maura and Mike on their journey to each other. After the last book I reviewed for her I was on the fence about this one but Trillium is a friend. After starting this book I didn’t want to stop but they’re are a few flaws.

Normally I read M/M romance almost exclusively. If anything is M/F it’s because a friend wrote it or recommended to me by multiple friends but this one I’d want to read if I didn’t know Trillium. It’s around 30,000 words, a fast read for me, but I enjoyed it. I think I could’ve enjoyed it more if extended and built upon. The progression between the two main characters is fast but under the circumstances it’s necessary.

One aspect that truly tripped up is the year isn’t mentioned in the book. A subtle article in the paper gives the reader a general time of the book but if someone doesn’t know their history (or simple not thinking about it or miss it) then the coming chapters are very confusing as to how Maura is treated. I mentioned this to Trillium and she said it would be addressed, if  at the time of this review I don’t know or she may not at all.

Overall I give it a four roses. A hard won victory from me. I’m generally a three rose kind of gal.

Rose 4

January 2013 #AYWN

Since updating this thing every week won’t fit into my hectic schedule I’ve decided to do a monthly overall list. So here it goes. Enjoy my misery.
  1. Finish my Dark Menagerie anthology call submission
  2. Finish my Snatched anthology submission
  3. Finish outlines for:
    1. Project One
    2. Project Two
    3. Project Three
    4. Project Four
  4. Rework DH
  5. Start episode one of DH
  6. Don’t go insane
  7. Beta read for a friend
  8. Assintantly things – if provided with what I asked for
  9. Send off Dark Menagerie anthology call submission to beta readers
  10. Add things to website
  11. Send off Snatched anthology submission to beta readers
  12. Finish How Can This Be
  13. Start Hold Me Close – B&W’s Fourth
  14. Start Project Three along side B&W’s Fourth
  15. Start @rykaine’s auction cowboys
  16. Mini bio thingy for Storm Moon Press
  17. Update one million word goal meter
  18. Fix website

Overall I don’t think I did all that bad. With a total of 51,383 written for the month brings me all the closer to my one million word goal for 2013. Not too shabby.
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