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I talk about something from my WIPile or back-list and perhaps a pic or two

WIPed Wednesday: Blizzard Lions

I don’t remember where, when or whyBlizzard Lions popped up in my head but it did. Originally this series was to take place in Russia (duh, all the snow) but then I saw a documentary on Yellowstone and I said HELLO. Started a little research, did a little investigation and decided Yellowstone was a better fit for my lions than Russia.

Blizzard Lions are reclusive and don’t like outsiders at all. They only mate within their kind and live secretly within Yellowstone. A portion of the park unexplored is their safe heaven and they protect it somthin’ fierce. Humans are a GIANT no no.

Things go bat-nuts crazy when a lion takes a human for a mate. Basically rescuing the human from the dangers of nature (another big no no) and brings the human home. Or is he human? Hmmmm?

New “Schedule”

You guys may or may not remember but I held a pole about my schedule. I asked what you guys thought. So this is what I’m going to do.

Mercy Mondays are staying every Monday. The first Monday is the new to-do list followed by updates every Monday after. I might skip one or two by accident but you guys seem to like seeing what I’m doing. Stalkers.

Teaser Tuesdays will now be Slice Wednesdays but have the same content. I can’t guarantee things will always be posted but I’ll give it my best shot. WIPed Wednesday is staying. The two days will alternate with a free Wednesday in between.

So that’s that. Here’s a hot guy.


What’d Y’all Think?

For the past two months or so I’ve implemented a posting schedule. What did you guys think? Be honest now.

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