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Love Lingers #AtoZChallenge

Rating: PG13

Oh man. He was so late. Late. Late. Late. Late. Late.

Luce pulled up to restaurant where his date for the evening was waiting for him. They’d been on a few dates but they weren’t creating labels yet, thank God.

He walked in and immediately spotted Leo’s shock of red hair at a table with two others. His only saving grace was that Leo had arranged a double date. The the other consisted of Larry, Leo’s friend and Larry’s date.

Luce hurried over only to slow in his tracks. His heart rate spiked and a nervous snake constricted his insides.


His ex from three years ago sat at the table with Leo and Larry. His deep golden eyes raked over Luce’s body. Warmth seeped through his body, the kind of warmth from a lover’s knowing caress.

Mother fucker.

Lakota was the one that got away.

He regained himself and walked over. Leo did introductions, least he thought Leo did, he wasn’t paying attention. Luce found himself sitting with a glass of water across from Lakota. He fished his phone out of his pocket.

I didn’t know you’d be here. He sent to Lakota.

The man who haunted his wet dreams unlocked his phone and glanced at the screen. His gaze flicked up only to catch Luce in their snare.

Buzz. Buzz. Luce looked down. Baseball.

Holy mother of hell…

Baseball was their social safeword. If either said it they’d make an excuse to leave.

He glanced up to find Lakota disengaged from the conversation between Leo and Larry. He played with the paper from the straw and rasped his fingers against the wooden table.

You don’t like Larry?

Do you like Leo?

Well Lakota had him there.

Operation Kitten? He sent back.

Lakota cleared his throat. “I’m sorry but I have to cut this short. There’s an emergency with my cat.”

“Is your cat Miss Lu?” Luce stood as he asked.

Lakota looked shocked. “Yes! Are you the veterinarian on call?”

“I am! Leo I am so sorry but I have to go.”

Luce and Lakota left in a hurry, He didn’t hear what Leo said to him and he didn’t care. Leo was okay but he wasn’t Lakota.

Once outside Lakota grabbed his elbow. “Thanks.”

He shrugged. “What are exs for?”

“Why are we exs?”

Well Luce wasn’t expecting that. “We both wanted to see other people.” He pocketed his hands. “It isn’t working out for me.”

“Me either.” Lakota confirmed. “Can we talk?”

Luce swallowed. He had missed Lakota deeply but he was unsure about this. He didn’t want to be hurt again.

Should he take a chance?

‘K’ #AtoZChallenge

Rating: PG

Kovit stood in the doorway, hands in his pockets, watching Keegan, his boyfriend of the last two years, put away the laundry. Over the last few months he had felt a distance between him and Keegan. The spark that had brought them together wasn’t there anymore.

They were puppets in a play.

“We could go out to that one place on the corner?” Keegan said while putting away the last folded shirt.

Kovit sighed to himself. “K.” With that he walked away. Dinner would be awkward and silent. Uncomfortable to say the least but Kovit couldn’t bring himself to care enough to try and fix it. Things were changing, ending between them.

He had accepted it.

Fickle Frank #AtoZChallenge

Rating: R

“And that my kiddies is the story of Jack Frost.” Jai’s puppet said with a bow.

Jorrin’s puppet did a little dance. “Until next year folks!”

“Next year?” Jai questioned as himself. “I can’t wait a year, man.”

Jorrin laughed, the movement made his naked body dance with shadow in the low light of the open window. “Tomorrow night?”

Jai hummed. “That’s better.” His puppet plopped against his hip and he stretched.

“We can play penis puppets tomorrow.” Jorrin curled on his side against Jai.

He was about to say something when he heard Jorrin softly snore. Until tomorrow.

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