Naked Nile #AtoZChallenge

It’s late. Nash should be in bed but the temptation is too great. He’s fought the urge all day and he just can’t fight it anymore. The stars overhead give Nash a sense of home. He missed the stars. The city drowns the natural nocturnal lights but here they shine bright.

Nash’s gaze lands on the beauty of the Nile. Its wide channel and calm water is Nash’s undoing. Moving to the water’s edge, Nash pulls off his shirt. His shoes and pants soon follow. His clothes lay in the sand and Nash’s toes wiggle burying his feet in the grainy stuff.

The perfect night air moves over his naked flesh making him shiver. This place, Egypt, isn’t his home country but it is his home. He was born on the plane from the States to Egypt giving him duel citizenship. As a child he spent chunks of time in both places, and as an adult his job keeps him in the States, but he tries to come as often and as long as he can.

Call it a tradition he has, swimming naked once in the Nile while here. His flight this morning was long and his day even longer but now is the time.

Taking a breath, he walks to the water’s edge and wades in. His fingers skim the water creating ripples across the calm surface.

“You disturb the entire river.”

Nash freezes and a smile pulls his lips. Turning, Nash takes in his best friend since childhood, Nkosi. Dark skin and black hair with strong features make Nkosi a very handsome man. He’s different than other Egyptians with his bright green eyes. His great grandmother was American and Nkosi says that’s where his eyes came from.

“I create art in the light of the moon.”

Nkosi disrobes and wades in only stopping when Nash impedes any further progress. “You are the art.” A soft tender kiss solidifies Nash’s sense of home. “I thought the day would never end.”

“The sun conceding to night brings the next closer.”

Nkosi leans in and inhales at Nash’s neck. “Closer to you leaving me.”

Nash frames Nkosi’s face in his hands. The sadness in his best friend’s green eyes mimics what he feels in his soul. This time Nash kisses Nkosi and the two press together. Nkosi’s hard shaft pressing against Nash’s own make both men moan.

“Would you believe me if I told you don’t plan on returning?”

Nkosi laughs, it’s gentle and sad. “You work is your life.”

“Mmm,” Nash kisses Nkosi’s cheek, “my work is a means to my life.” Nash wraps his arms around Nkosi’s neck bring the other closer. “To you.”

Hands move over Nash’s hips to the small of his back and over his ass. “You play a cruel joke.”

“I play nothing, Nkosi. I only hope you’ll have me.”

Nkosi almost purrs as he hugs Nash closer. “I’ll always have you but I’d rather be in you, then you in me.”

Nash smiles and leads Nkosi out of the river by the hand. Together they will walk up the embankment to Nkosi’s home, and together they will make love.

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I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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  1. I like this one. It’s as if they both want it to last but know it can’t.

    Also, you find the coolest names.

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