Woven: Recoil

A Teaser

Woven cover 5STORY LETTER:

Dear Author,

Life just doesn’t get any better than it is now.

We are exactly where we need to be, it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t fun (but it sure is now) but we made it.
One of them fought it for all he was worth, thinking, wrongly, that they couldn’t love him like, like they love each other.

They’ve wanted him for years, but something has held him back… HUGE brownie points if he is a brother to one of them? Or maybe a (now ex-) rentboy?

Something paranormal? Or is it something else entirely?

How did these three finally get together? The longing, loving and wanting and then they made it happen and are so in love they don’t even think of how it was before.

Please no D/s, BDSM or historical.



Length: 6,868


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