Monthly Archives: December 2013

December #AYWN

Enjoy my misery…

  1. Update word meterMEMORIAL
  2. Work on Freeing Pain‘s novella
  3. Write 1k on B&W’s fourth (maybe, probably not)
  4. Finish self editing up to chapter 10 of This Isn’t Love (maybe, probably not)
  5. Edit at least two chapters of Barrack & Willow’s second book
    1. Chapter One
    2. Chapter Two
  6. Don’t go insane
  7. Dying Wish: Paradise 1 release from Rooster and Pig Publishing
  8. Start Suicide Wrap
  9. Write White Water by the 15th
    1. Send to beta reader
    2. Send to SMP
  10. Plan Dying Choice: Paradise 2
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