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I feel like a total dick…


Anyways Without You Baby I Cannot Breathe is coming along nicely. It’s about a smidgen over half done at the moment. With everything laid out as is Without You is at least 51,000 words. Did you catch that? AT LEAST! That’s 9,000 more than You Are the Other Half Of Me… hell if I expand Without You by 9,000 words it’ll be in small novel range. That’s only three extra chapters… which I can easily do with this book… shit fuck damn.

See my problem? I don’t know how I feel with such a major word gap between the two. I wanted them all to be in the 40 to 45,000 range originally. To do that though I’d have to cut two chapters… can’t do that because then the plot suffers. 

SHIT!! -fumes-

Damnit all to hell and back again. I need to fume, whine, and pout about this. Any thoughts people? Twibe? Anyone?

With Affection,

Well hot damn.

So in my last post I was debating (well more like agonizing over) heavily over chapter two. In my outline everything was under chapter two but as I was writing it the chapter seemed to have morphed into two different chapters.

I didn’t like this at all but if it must be done then it must be done right? Well after agonizing thru it. And I mean agonizing. I finally finished everything and it seems to have worked out perfectly.

Now I am in love with how everything turned out BUT it just goes to show how just because it’s agonizing to do something doesn’t mean it’s not for the best. Well that’s all for now.

Much Affection,

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