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I’m on the edge…

The blog talk show Write on the Edge, that is. I’ll be their guest on August 21, 2014 at 10p central. If you’re unfamiliar with the show the host asks the guest a whole bunch of questions (and there might be a drinking game involved). Normally the guest gets to steer the direction of the questions but since the host is also my business partner and one of my best friends I have no say whatsoever. Go figure.

Click here to be directed to the station.

Now Available: Woven

The teaser is now available on the MM Romance Goodreads group! It’s free!

(You must be a member to read it!)

Woven cover 5

Love’s Landscape 2014

Every year the MM Romance (18+ only) Goodreads group hosts a writing prompt challenge. It’s a great opportunity for readers to get the stories they want and for authors to pick a story they want to write.

This year I did an MMM story called Woven a Woven:Recoil Teaser.

My story will be available soon but I won’t say when… It’s a secret! But the story is coming very soon.

This story was originally supposed to sit between 10,000 and 25,000 words. As I was writing it I realized the story just wouldn’t stop coming… In light of this, the “short” story turned into a trilogy. You can find Woven’s trilogy page here.

Check back here often to find out when it’s available.

Woven cover 5



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