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Freeing Pain: Annex Blog Tour Schedule


So I completely forgot to post this…

But I’m taking Annex on tour! Below you will find the dates and stops of the tour. To get the grand picture stop everywhere!

Blog/Review Site URL Date Title
Love Bytes Reviews 5/9/2016 Freeing Pain: Annex | There wasn’t more to the story.
Dawn’s Reading Nook 5/9/2016 Freeing Pain: Annex | Plan this. Plan that.
Bayou Book Junkie 5/10/2016 Freeing Pain: Annex | Motivation
The (Really) Naughty Corner 5/10/2016 Freeing Pain: Annex | The Process
My Fiction Nook 5/11/2016 Freeing Pain: Annex | CATS
Unrandom Randomness 5/11/2016 Freeing Pain: Annex | Smash it with a hammer!
BFD Book Blog 5/12/2016 Freeing Pain: Annex | Kash in first person.
Alpha Book Club 5/12/2016 Freeing Pain: Annex | Teddy Bear
Oh My Shelves 5/12/2016 Review
Inked Rainbow Reads 5/13/2016 Freeing Pain: Annex | This is dedicated to who? It ended how?
Divine Magazine 5/13/2016 Freeing Pain: Annex | Series? Should this be a series?
Molly Lolly 5/13/2016 Freeing Pain: Annex | Kash, what’s next?

Constant #AtoZChallenge

CRating: PG

Dear Whoever Reads This,

Did you ever think your best friend might be “the one?” I’m beginning to think so…

My best friend’s name is Chance, he’s away for school right now and I hate it. The only thing that makes it better is he sends me gifts, heck I have a whole shelving unit just for those things. I mean I have a bunch of rare insects and plants displayed in my living room but that’s okay. They’re from him and I’ll always treasure them.

When he’s away I miss him. When he’s here I’m sad because he’ll be leaving again. I want to be around him all the time. I feel incomplete when we’re apart. On the couch my hands twitches because I want to hold his hand. The thing is I have no idea how he’d react.

We’ve always dated women and I’ve always considered myself straight but here lately… I don’t know.

I just miss him. I miss him so much my gut twists into knots and I don’t want to eat. The only thing I have to look forward to this week is another present from him. I always feel like he’s thinking of me when I get them.

Anyways, to every anonymous person out there who’s continually supported me through this blog, thank you.

Why is talking to strangers always easier than people who are close to you?

Never His,


I’m on the edge…

The blog talk show Write on the Edge, that is. I’ll be their guest on August 21, 2014 at 10p central. If you’re unfamiliar with the show the host asks the guest a whole bunch of questions (and there might be a drinking game involved). Normally the guest gets to steer the direction of the questions but since the host is also my business partner and one of my best friends I have no say whatsoever. Go figure.

Click here to be directed to the station.

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