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Available Now: Project Fierce Chicago

Contains Crash Pad from Less Than Three Press.

projectfierceNobody deserves to be without a home. In collaboration with several authors, Less Than Three Press offers up an anthology of stories about young people who find that home and family are not always where you expect to find them.

All proceeds from this charity anthology will be donated to Project Fierce Chicago.

Project Fierce Chicago’s mission is to reduce LGBTQ youth homelessness in Chicago by providing affirming, no-cost transitional housing and comprehensive support services to homeless LGBTQ young adults. PFC also aims to encourage community-building and civic engagement through cooperative living and youth leadership development.

LT3′s Project Fierce Chicago charity anthology includes 20 short stories from AerisVicktor AlexanderTalya AndorC.J. AnthonyBlaine D. ArdenKayla Bain-VrbaSophie BonasteKenzie CadeJana Denardo,Alessandra EbuluDianne HartsockLeta HutchinsCaitlin RicciLor RoseB. SnowRin SparrowAndrea SpeedPiper VaughnLayla M. Wier, and Xara X. Xanakas.

Want to donate directly? Visit the Project Fierce Chicago website.

  • Pairings: M/M, F/F, genderqueer
  • Content: Contains no explicit content.
  • Length: 165,000 words



LT3 | Bookstrand | ARe | Goodreads

This anthology will provide readers with hours of enjoyment, with proceeds going to to a much needed cause.  Authors in every city should take a page from this group’s incredible idea, pun intended. With a wide variety of situations and characters, from contemporary, paranormal, to alternate worlds, starring Humans, vampires, shifters, the stories follow the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered, individuals, a true cross section of those in need of shelter, love, understanding, and hope. – 5 Stars

— Jason

I want to start this review saying I’m very proud to be a fan of these authors. This people have donated their time and their beautiful stories to a very important cause. The Project Fierce Chicago helps all the LGBT young homeless who just need a place to be in and people who care about them and help them find a home and a family.
This anthology is so beautiful and emotional, I cried almost every story I read , I’m a crybaby I know, but some of them left me with a heartbroken to cure (in my case using lot of chocolate). – 5 Stars

— Stella

Expansion Vote

I need y’all’s opinion on something.

I’ve included links to four stores from this year’s A to Z Challenge. Which would you like to see expanded into a 5,000(ish) word story? I’m not telling you why. Just trust me. You can vote for your favorite story again after six hours. Voting ends on the 20th at midnight central time.

  1. Flameflowers
  2. White Water Wafting
  3. XCI
  4. Yin Yang
(Keep in my mind that for the A to Z Challenge I use names that start with the same letter. For this expanded story some names might change to avoid confusion when reading.)

A to Z Owned

survivor_[2013]This years A to Z Challenge wasn’t as hard as it was last year. Don’t get me wrong, blogging everyday is not easy but it’s definitely not as difficult this time around. This challenge isn’t for some but it is for me. I enjoy writing these little freebies for everyone’s enjoyment. It also helps loosen up the creative flow when in a bind.

If you missed any, you will find links below. There are some that have caught my attention. The ones I love. Those will be highlighted in bold. If you’re wondering if any of the ones in bold will become books, well they just might.

  1. Another Adventure
  2. Blackheart
  3. Cake (possible Emotio spin-off)
  4. Delivering Donuts
  5. Earth Envisions
  6. Flameflower
  7. Germanium
  8. H.E.O.R.T.
  9. Infirmary
  10. Jittery Jinx
  11. Kaleidoscope (possible Emotio spin-off)
  12. Lacerations
  13. Muses
  14. Naked Nile
  15. Obituary Obelisk
  16. Platinum Plateaux
  17. Query Quicksand
  18. Rabbit Reproof (possible Emotio spin-off)
  19. Snogging Sabbatical
  20. Taboo
  21. Underground
  22. Vaccinated
  23. White Water Wafting
  24. XCI
  25. Yin Yang (possible Emotio spin-off)
  26. Zoologist
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