Dying Wish

Dying Wish 6inx9inFrom Rooster and Pig Publishing

It was an inevitable thing, death.

For some it was closer than others. Some never knew it was coming. If it were up to Logan he’d choose to not know. Unfortunately for him he did know.

Death was close and it was coming for him and he accepted his fate.

He was set to die. Logan even embraced it, finally happy to leave this painful world behind. That is until he met Gyre.

Gyre gave him a sense of life once again. He wanted to stay with Gyre as long as possible but as far as Logan was concerned, his time left wasn’t enough.

Or was it?

Length: 13,500

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He makes a conscious decision to die in peace, alone in the mountains of New Zealand where he and Daniel once wanted to go together. As he drifts off and on in pain, he meets Gyre.

In a short time, Logan and Gyre develop a relationship. Something totally unexpected. Something totally welcome. Why is it welcome? Logan knows not, but he knows that Gyre will be by his side. – 4 Stars

— Multitaskingmomma

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