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Poll Results

Okay my peeps, you voted and I listened. The polyamorous, bisexual, BDSM vampires have a last name and their new slave, a nickname. The results are sort of like this:

Jezebel “Jezi”
Votes: 28 with a 82% voting rate
Votes: 6 with a 18% voting rate
Votes: 22 with a 65% voting rate
Votes: 12 with a 35% voting rate

There yo u have it! The vampires are the Byingtons and their slave Jezebel. In case you’re wondering Byington was my pick and Bliss my friend Murph’s. We both like Jezebel but tossed in Harlot just to give you guys some options.

A big thank you to everyone who voted! I’ll have votes like this again in the future.


Dracones Winners!

Do you want to know who won?

Jo and Ericka Walden! You two went through a rigorous process (you may think the child) and won! You both get one of these with my chicken scratch in it! I will email you both later today… Least that’s the plan!



VOTE Let me know your thoughts

I was Skyping with Murph and I needed a last name for my characters. Below you will find our two picks for Multifarious, my polyamorous, bisexual, BDSM vampires. I’m not telling who’s is who for reasons. Vote below and let me and Murph know your winner! I also need you guys to pick a “nickname” for a stubborn character as well.

Voting ends Wednesday, May 29th at midnight central time!

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