The Pirates of Lu’Wren Cove

Pirates ban

In the year 1732, the pirate crew of The Lady Wren are but one of many who call Lu’Wren Cove home. However; they are the ones with the biggest secret. With much to lose they keep to themselves, earning an infamous reputation. One they embrace and perpetuate. Even for pirates they go too far, all in the name of keeping their secret.

  1. Tainted Heart
  2. Hythe of the Sea
  3. Early Wrath
  4. Pain Mixed Pleasure
  5. Ignorance is…
  6. Radiance
  7. Abrasive Whore
  8. Twins of the Seventh
  9. East Winds
  10. Saints on Deck
  11. Obnoxious Little One
  12. Famously Infamous
  13. Lady of the Sea
  14. Unaccepted Price
  15. Waltz of Daggers
  16. Rancor of a Ragbag
  17. Ebb of the Sea
  18. Native Tongue
  19. Cantle of Sorrow
  20. Obscure Identities
  21. Vex of the Crew
  22. Echo of One’s Heart

:: Series Finished ::

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