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Bestseller: Mail Order Cowboy

I received the news yesterday! Mail Order Cowboy is officially a bestseller over at All Romance eBooks. I’m not talking about in its individual categories but overall on the whole site. I’m super excited about this, you guys. So to everyone who purchased my dirty talking cowboys, thank you.

Comment below and I’ll randomly pick a winner to receive a free ebook copy of Mail Order Cowboy. Entries close Friday the 20th!


MoC Cover

September 2013 #AYWN

Enjoy my misery  and the man candy…


  1. Finish Devout: Forbidden
    1. Send to Beta reader
    2. Due the 30th
  2. Update word meter
  3. Work on Survive: Überleben Book One
  4. Read over This Isn’t Love
  5. Edit at least two chapters of Barrack & Willow’s second book
    1. Chapter One
    2. Chapter Two
  6. Attempt 5k on B&W’s fourth
  7. Don’t go insane
  8. Mail Order Cowboy (extended version) re-release from Rooster and Pig Publishing
  9. Dying Wish release from Rooster and Pig Publishing (maybe)
  10. Multifarious things
  11. Read over Whiskey Burn
    1. Send to Beta reader
  12. Write Suicide Wrap
  13. Paranormal Province world hash-out
  14. Freeing Pain vote
  15. Freeing Pain novella outline (title under wraps)

And the votes are in!

You guys have spoken. Check out the pole results below. You guys shocked me with all of your votes!

Freeing Pain

Now if I don’t deliver you know where to find me. Maybe I should hide? Seriously though. The novella for this has been added to the WIP section of my site. You can keep up with it there since I update the thing pretty regularly.

Congrats, guys! You got your wish.

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