Maple Jelly

maple jelly-ban

Everything was unicorns and cotton candy (no, really) in the land of Maple Jelly. Color was something to celebrate and rainbows were an ever rare treat. Unicorns of all shades grouped together to celebrate their luscious pigment. All except the Inky Ones. They were the absence of color, outcasts of Maple Jelly. The thing was Inky unicorns were just like everyone else but would the residents of Maple Jelly ever accept them?

  1. Adorable Apples
  2. Blue Bubbles
  3. Candy Crunch
  4. Dainty Dimples
  5. Every Eclair
  6. Fresh Fruit
  7. Glitzy Glam
  8. Honey Hop
  9. Igloo Icing
  10. Jubilant Jamboree
  11. Kiwi Kiss
  12. Liquorice Lace
  13. Mini Mini
  14. Nightly Nuzzle
  15. Opaque Oak
  16. Puzzle Piece
  17. Quirky Queen
  18. Rhinestone Rapture
  19. Silly Spice
  20. Tiny Teaspoon
  21. Unleash Ultraviolet
  22. Velvet Vodka
  23. Watermelon Wonder
  24. X X (X)
  25. Yummy Yardstick
  26. Zonky Zoo
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