Flameflower #AtoZChallenge

Flynn can’t believe it. His mouth turns dry from hanging open so long and his watering can lay on the asphalt spilling the water everywhere. He blinks a few times unsure if he’s actually seeing correctly. No, still there. Flynn may throw up. Or faint then throw up. Or throw up then faint. Whichever comes first.

“I am so sorry!” Some guy walks up to Flynn, with a mutt, apologizing profusely. If Flynn was in his right mind he’d appreciate just how handsome this five foot ten inch, dark haired, green eyed man is but he’s not in his right mind. He may not ever be again. “I will pay for everything.”

“Fuck yes you will.” Flynn rushes pasted whoever and runs straight for his precious flowers. His ruined flowers. “My greenhouse! Your mutt did this!”

The man looks hurt but so is Flynn. He spends all of his extra money and time tending his greenhouse. The building manager was kind enough to let him build on the rooftop free of charge. Now his greenhouse door is broken and the humidity lines torn down. Forget his plants… Some of these are rare and hard to find.

“I am really sorry.” The man apologizes again, curling the dog leash around his hand. “I swear I’ll pay for everything.”

Flynn takes in all the dirt and partial plant bodies everywhere… “A few can be salvaged but most are gone.” His chest hurts when he spots the Flameflower his grandmother gave him lying in a shattered pot. It’s not the most exotic or exquisite of his flowers but it’s his most treasured.

“I will pay.”

The man repeating himself causes a tick in Flynn’s jaw. “Do you have a really good paying job?” Flynn rounds on the dog owner, anger taking hold. “Because you’ll need it to pay for all this mess!”

Whoever he is looks sheepish. “I swear I will. I’ll even help.”

Flynn makes a tsk sound of disapproval. “Your mutt destroyed my greenhouse so why would I let you anywhere near my baby ever again?”

The man shifts with unease. “I- Well- I’m Finley down in 3C.”

“That’s nice Finley down in 3C.” Flynn turns to start cleaning up this mess.

“I’m trying to be polite and apologize here. You don’t need to be so rude.”

“RUDE?!” Flynn chucks the broom and dust pan he just picked up. “Your dog destroyed my greenhouse and killed over seven thousand dollars worth of greenery and six years of my life. So excuse me Finley down in 3C if I’m a little rude.”

Finley gawks, “Seven thousand dollars?”

“And that doesn’t include the cost of my now ruined greenhouse!”

Finley sags a little bit but Flynn doesn’t care. He’s pissed the hell off.

“Let me just go put Frank back in my apartment and I’ll come help you clean this up.”

Flynn walks back to the mess with a flick of his hand. “Whatever.”

He’s so angry nothing seems good anymore. Not only with his now ruined greenhouse but his life in general. He lost his job this morning and his grandmother passed away last week. His rent is due and his dad thinks he’s waisting his time with this greenhouse not to mention his boyfriend is cheating on him. Don’t ask how he knows but he just does.

“I really am sorry. Frank just got loose and got up here somehow.”

Flynn doesn’t even acknowledge Finley. He’s just so damn tired and pissed off he could cry. The Flameflower just lying there is the last straw. He can’t help it anymore…

“Hey, we’ll fix this.”

Finley pulls him close as Flynn starts to cry. It’s kind of nice to actually have someone hold him and at least act like they care instead of his jackass cheating boyfriend. “Why are you being so nice to me?”

“We’re neighbors and my dog destroyed your greenhouse.”

Flynn pulls away to start sweeping the dirt. “Good to know.”

Finley stops and openly looks over Flynn. “You date that fuckstick, don’t you?”

Flynn freezes and his gaze snaps to Finley. “Why?” His grip twists over the broom handle with nerves.

Finley steps closer and his green eyes move over Flynn’s face making Flynn nervous. “I saw him hit you.”

Flynn wants to throw up all over again. He thought no one was around last week to see that. Guess he was wrong.

“I wanna pay for this, I wanna help you fix it, and I wanna take you out.”

Flynn blinks. “What?”

“Come to dinner with me and I’ll show you how you deserve to be treated.”

“But I’ve seen you with that girl.”

“Francesca? She’s an ex-girlfriend. We’re just friends now.” Finley must’ve seen the confusion on Flynn’s face because he continues. “I’m bisexual not gay.”

“Well I’m gay.”

Finley smiles, “Dinner?”

“What the hell, why not.”

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