Earth Envisions #AtoZChallenge

“What do you think about re-doing the garden?”

“Fuck no. We’re getting a pool.”

Epicene’s teeth clench together, “A pool?”

Animus smiles, it’s a smug smile, the one Epicene hates and Animus knows it. “Yeah, rip all that shit out, dig a hole, and fill ‘er up.”

“No.” Epicene grumbles as arms cross over the other muses chest.

Animus isn’t going to admit it but he really likes Epicene. He was pissed to high hell the Elders assigned another muse to Lor, their author, but he had to deal with it. “Yes.”

Epicene’s face squishes in anger and full lips push out in a pout. “NO! I want flowers and fountains and pretty rocks and a bench!” Epicene stomps a foot to emphasize the point.

Epicene’s tantrum flutters something in Animus. He’s not going to analyze it because it scares him. Really, really, really, really, scares him. “And I want a damn pool!”

“You can’t put in a pool without my say so!”

“Come one, Epi! Think about it. Nice cool pool and swim around naked.”

Epicene pouts. “No.”

Damnit, Animus was trying to get the other muse naked. How else is he supposed to find out if Epicene is a boy or a girl? He’s known the muse for a little over a year now and he still doesn’t know. Least, that’s what he tells himself. “Well you can’t redo the garden unless I say so.”

“That’s not true! That part is mine! I was only asking out of politeness but you can forget it now!”

Epicene storms off leaving Animus standing there feeling like a jackass. He didn’t mean to make the other muse so angry. It just sort of happened and he doesn’t know why. It’s their relationship, he guesses. It sucks though and Lor would like it a whole lot better if they got along. On second thought, maybe them not getting along is a good thing. Anything to piss off Lor is worth it.

For now.

About Lor Rose

I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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