Delivering Donuts #AtoZChallenge

“One second!” Dallas unburies himself from under his laptop to get his money and to the door. He really should’ve been more on point, since he does this every Saturday and Sunday morning, but work got the better of him. Again.

“Coming!” Snatching his money, Dallas almost trips over himself in his rush to the door. Wouldn’t that just be the sexiest thing ever?

Fumbling with the latch, Dallas yanks the door open to find a smiling Dalton waiting. “Coming are you?”

Dallas laughs, and jiggles the change. “Quickly, yeah.”

“Quickly is no fun.”

Looking away, Dallas fights his blush. He and Dalton have been flirting like crazy for the past two months or so. It’s silly, but he’s started to care for the man he talks to twice a week for less than five minutes total.

“Here’s your donuts.” Dalton hands Dallas the bag of sugary treats. Dallas takes them and hands Dalton the money. “No charge today. You’re a good customer.”

“I couldn’t.”

“I’ve made up my mind.” Dalton’s green eyes move to the trash at the edge of the kitchen. “You don’t like donuts, do you?”

“Well, I-”

Dalton moves past him and into the kitchen, reaching for the box he delivered yesterday morning. Dalton’s Donuts in bright red letters looks soaked from the uneaten contents of the box. “I don’t think you do.”

Dallas shrugs, closes the door, and tosses the new box into the trash. “No, I hate the things, honestly.”

Dalton smiles, leaning against the counter like he belongs. “Then why order every week?” He tosses his box as well and slides his hands in his pockets.

“Because the owner delivers my donuts personally.”

“Yours are the only ones I do.”

“Why’s that?” Dallas’ heart picks up its pace with nerves.

Dalton laughs, “Because I love your cat.” Lilly, his cat, jumps on the counter searching for her scratches from Dalton. Dallas’ mood shifts and his chest constricts. It’s silly really but since all they’ve done is flirt but it’s gotten his hopes up. “But I like Lilly’s owner more.”

Dallas stares unsure if he heard correctly. “So…?”

Dalton steps forward and takes Dallas’ mouth in a kiss. Dallas freezes a moment before he gives as good as he’s getting. “So, will you have dinner with me?”

“Depends, will there be dessert or sex afterward?” Dallas is never this forward but he feels oddly empowered at the moment.

Dalton growls and takes Dallas’ mouth again. “Why choose?”

Dallas moans and initiates the next kiss. “Can we have sex now? Dinner later then sex again?”

Hands pull at Dallas’ shirt. “You’re already planning the next sexathon. I think I’m in love.”

Dallas smiles as he drags Dalton to the bedroom just off the living room. He hopes Dalton is falling in love because Dallas knows he’s already fallen and fallen hard.

Dallas’s shirt didn’t make it to the bedroom, neither did Dalton’s. The two of them fall into bed, Dallas on top and the two’s hands run over each other enticing little sounds. “Mmmm, I definitely think I’m in love.” Dalton mumbles.

“I hope so.” Dallas whispers back.

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