Guest Post Vicktor Alexander: An Interview With Ronny Parker and Cole Tronk (Take Two)

TheBeginning_432I want to thank Lor for having me here on her blog –squishes Lor-

Now for those of you who have been following the tour, you know that last week I tried to have an interview with Ronny and Cole on Sid Love’s blog and it got… interrupted. So we’re going to try again. And the guys have assured me that this time, they’re actually going to finish the interview.

And just in case they try not to, Lor has promised to help me tie them up.


Vicktor: What are 2 things that you must have with you every day?

Ronny: Well besides my mate and our children, I’d have to say my laptop and the Real Holy Bible. So many things happen every day and I need to have those things to stay in contact with people that maybe can’t talk freely and to know what to expect.

Cole: That’s more than 2 things, Danish.

Ronny: I said besides you and the children.

Cole: What about food?

Ronny: How about you answer the question?

Cole: As long as I have you and our children I don’t need anything else.

Ronny: Cheater.

Vicktor: If you could change anything that has happened to you over the last year, what would it be?

Ronny: Nothing. It led me to Cole and gave me my new family and my children, why would I want to change that?

Cole: I have to agree. I wouldn’t change anything that has happened to us. I would change a lot of things that has happened to other people because of our own actions though. A lot of people lost their lives because of my actions. That fills me with guilt and remorse every day.

Ronny: You can’t change the past, Cole.

Cole: So what is the point of this question?

Vicktor: Ummmm……..

Vicktor: What do you do on a typical day?

Ronny: Well, I get up and feed the children and then I bathe them, get them dressed. Then I get them settled either watching a movie, or reading or something, and then I start reading The Real Bible. After that I go off to train with Kareen, Ryland and Titan. Then I come home and give the kids lunch, get them settled down for their naps, do some more reading, then I spend some time with the kids, usually Cole comes home and we all spend time together, we have dinner together, we put the kids together, then Cole and I have time together, you know adult time together, and then I go to bed.

Cole: The only difference is that I get up at three o’clock in the morning to go on patrol. I patrol the condo, the streets, the city of Gainesville, for hunters, lost and injured paranormals or Sons of Adam and I do that until I come to my family. I wear the police uniform of humans but I am actually operating under the order of my alpha and vampire master, Ryland.

Vicktor: Do you prefer Gainesville or do you miss New York or Goochland?

Ronny: (snorts) Are you kidding me? Of course I miss New York! New York was the epicenter of everything! But Goochland was where we met our friends and Gainesville is where we really became a family. So while I miss New York, Gainesville is home.

Cole: Gainesville is quiet. Sometimes it’s too quiet, but there are more open spaces, fields, much more grass. My lion loves it here. So I prefer Gainesville.

Ronny: I never thought of it like that. What the hell were you doing in New York?

Cole: Trying to blend in.

Vicktor: Can you please give us an idea on what you think is going to happen in the future?

Ronny: Humans are scared, so I really think that things are going to get worse before they get better. And I know that there’s a war coming. A big battle. But I’m not worried.

Vicktor: You’re not?

Ronny:  No. I’m not. Because good always triumphs over evil in the end. And that’s what I’m focusing on. The fact that in the end, the good guys always end.

Cole: I think that a lot more of the Sons of Asilion, Atolium, Azon, Awheybus, Axilum, and Avus are going to find their mates among the Sons of Adam which is going to cause a lot more chaos but that, like Ronny said, in the end the good will triumph. In the end, love is more powerful. So love will inevitably conquer.

Vicktor: Do you have any favorite books or authors?

Ronny:  I have a weakness for gay romance books. Any books I can get my hands on I read them. I especially love the paranormal ones. But I guess we can see why now.

Cole: I like Stephen King and Dan Brown. They’re probably the only authors I read.

Vicktor: So neither one of you reads my stuff?

(Ronny and Cole both shrug)

Vicktor: Nice.

Vicktor: What’s your favorite position?

Ronny:  On my back.

Cole:     Lion-style

Vicktor: What is lion-style?

Cole: Anyway I do it.

Vicktor: Thank you both for being here and letting me finish out the interview with you both.

Ronny: Of course. It was our pleasure. (the sound of crying can be heard) And that’s my cue. Gotta go.

Cole: Not without me you don’t! Danish! Ronny! Ronald! Get back here! Ronald! (rushes off)

Vicktor: Why do they always rush off like that?

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  2. Vicktor "Vic" Alexander

    Thanks for hosting me today Lor! The boys and I really appreciate it.

  3. I’ve really enjoyed this blog tour. Shame it ends tomorrow. But then we get a bit nearer to book 2? <3.
    Thanks for having us Lor.

  4. So cute! I like their repartee…


  5. Loved the rest of the interview. It was funny at times. Can’t wait to get this book tomorrow when I buy it.

  6. Great end to the interview. It says a lot about them they’re so dedicated to family. It’s romantic yet sexy to see that side of them…. Thanks for being here!

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