July 2013 #AYWN

Enjoy my misery and the man candy…Chippendales-sexy-man

  1. Due 31st: The More the Merrier: Triplex
  2. Due 31st: Uncommon Valor: Tyke Not going to happen.
  3. Due 31st: Angelic: Never Close Your Eyes Not going to happen.
  4. Start “Priest Kink”
  5. Start Young Love (?) Doesn’t look like it’ll happen
  6. Anniversary
  7. MY BIRTHDAY – it’s the 26th for all you nosys
  8. Update word meter
  9. Read over This Isn’t Love
  10. Edits for Other Half (B&W’s first)
    1. 24 pages from July 9-11
    2. 40 pages from July 14-18
    3. 40 pages from July 21-25
    4. 16 pages from July 28-30
  11. Attempt 5k on B&W’s fourth
  12. Attempt to hashout “D Book”
  13. Don’t go insane
  14. Start Überleben research
  15. Multifarious stuff
  16. Dallas Trip (?) CANCELLED
  17. California Trip (?) CANCELLED

As you can see my focus of getting these edits done is working! I’m very ahead of schedule and only have about 21 pages left. If I really buckle down I can get them done in one night. Once completed I have two beta reads/developmental edits to do and focus on the Priest Kink. I already have a direction I want to go in for it, just have to iron out the kinks. Well, not all of the kinks cause then there’d be no sex and we can’t have that, now can we? I also think you think you know what I’m thinking for my Priest Kink. You’re wrong. It has nothing to do with Catholics or preachers/ministers. Figure that one out. All in all I’m ahead of schedule and finally able to ficus on other things. This is a win.

About Lor Rose

I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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