Platinum Plateaux #AtoZChallenge

WARNING: The following post contains incest by marriage. You’ve been warned.

“Paxton, where’s the order log?”

Paxton walks up to Payton with a smile. “Give me a kiss and I’ll tell you.”

“Pax,” Payton whines, “not at work. What if someone sees?”

“So what if they do?” Paxton leans in and steals a kiss. “It’s not like we’re actually brothers.”

Payton doesn’t pull away but he’s not happy either. “We are through marriage and that’s good enough for most people.”

“Fuck most people.”

“The only person,” Payton emphasizes his words by poking Paxton in the chest, “you should be fucking is me.”

“I’m a loyal dog.”

“Right.” Payton turns away to rummage under the counter. “Log book?”

Paxton moves away to the register. “Where it always is.”

Payton snatches the log and skims the book. “Do you think we need to order more Platinum Plateaux?”

Paxton leans against the counter with a smile. “Everything will be fine.” They decided to create their own perfume two years ago and name it after their store. Payton was a royal spoiled bitch about the perfume but Paxton supposes it’s a good thing.

“How do you know?” Payton paces the counter worrying his lower lip.

Paxton snatches Payton by the elbow and drags the man closer. “Because you did it therefore it will be stupendous.”

“You do realize family dinner is this Sunday? What if they find out?”

A kiss hushes Payton. “Stop worrying. They won’t find out.” Another brief kiss further calms Payton.

If Payton ever said he thought he’d fall in love with his jackass of a stepbrother he’d be lying. It just sort of happened when they were fourteen and been happening ever since.

A loud crash startles both me. “Mom!” Payton jumps away from Paxton and stares at his mother in shock. A glass casserole dish with pizza lasagna lay shattered at her feet.

“I- I was bringing you two some lunch.” Her wide eyes move between Payton and Paxton. “I’ll see you two for Sunday dinner.” She leaves just as quickly as she came leaving both boys in shock and disbelief.

“Uh-“Paxton scratches his head. “About what I said? I lied.”

Payton waves him off and heads for the back. “No shit. Clean that.”

Paxton’s gaze lands on Payton disappearing into the back. Well their life just got a lot more complicated. The pizza lasagna all over the floor doesn’t help. Why does he get all the shitty jobs?

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