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Life is Priceless Announcement


Lofe banFor awhile now this series world has grown… and kept on growing. At first it was only two series but that number has grown to five with at least two standalone novels in that world. It really has gotten out of hand…

The world has expanded so much that I’ve had to create a separate website away from Each series within the world has its own website as well. Each is interconnected with the others making things easier. Once things with Emotio gets ironed out I will be focusing on these series almost exclusively for awhile.

The world name was also changed. It is no longer the Life is Priceless world but instead The Belenkov World. All the series are as follows:

The links will take you to the pages here on not the individual sites. Those will hopefully be up and fully running by the end of June(ish). When they are I will let everyone know so you guys can properly stalk them.

Thought I’d keep you guys updated! Plus I really needed to post something…

Belenkov World ban


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