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Blog Hopping to the Truth

My friend and wifey Patricia Lynne  decided to torture me with a blog hop about writerly confessions and I blanched. Not for the reasons you may think. You see the thing is I don’t have any writerly secrets… least not to my knowledge.

There’s no genre I secretly read under my covers for fear of being judged. I mean I write male on male sex books for Christ’s sakes so do you honestly think I won’t step up to the plate and claim a genre I read?

I got a sneak peek of the blog hop’s host, Patricia’s, post and I’m not jealous of my friends. I may get a twinge of “I wish that was me” but then it fizzles out and dies just as quickly as it started. I’m not a jealous person by nature. Instead I find myself very happy for my friend’s success and all they’ve accomplished. I take extra pride if I’ve helped in someway.

It’s no secret at all that I’m a planner to the point of being obsessed. I’ve posted about how I overcome writer’s block… I basically avoid it.

I’ve put myself out there personally on my personal blog, The Lor of Rose, so I don’t really have any secrets to admit… As Patricia so accurately put it, “Secrets are the spice of life… Or something.” I suppose if this is true then I have no spice. “That’s what you get for being so open about shit.” Yes, wifey… You are correct.


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