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Coming September 7. 2015 from Thirteen Below Press

TheOtherHalfOfMe_v3As a homicide detective for the greater Houston area, Detective Barrack Invar’s job was stressful enough without his Lieutenant breathing down his neck to do more, not to mention his girlfriend, Isabella. His partner, Calhoun, was a joke. It didn’t help that over the years Barrack earned a reputation as being a bit of an asshole at work. Things for Barrack didn’t look any brighter in the wake of a murder case with absolutely no leads at all. Until he came home to a wonderful surprise. His best friend since the age of three had finally come home.

Willow only survived. His best friend since childhood, Barrack, was all that mattered to him. Willow craved any small scraps of affection Barrack was willing to give. Every look, every praise, every touch, tore Willow’s soul because he was constantly reminded of what he couldn’t have. Barrack. When Willow unexpectedly returned home his insides burned with the need for the man he loved. The need to give control…

Barrack found his feelings towards Willow slowly twisted and changed. He loved his best friend. A man. For Barrack it was a very simple thing. Willow on the other hand could not accept what Barrack was freely willing to give. Willow did the only thing he knew. He ran.

Returning home, Willow’s fears were confirmed when Barrack refused to come with him. Barrack’s promises to follow seemed long in coming. Willow was left devastated feeling abandoned and alone.

Can Barrack convince Willow of his love? Will Willow allow Barrack to love him?

Teaser Tuesday: B&W Snippet

Here’s a section from Barrack and Willow’s fourth book, How Can This Be. They’re my most exhibitionist couple ever.


“Make love to me, please?”

Willow’s arms tighten around his neck and his soft question left a wet spot inside his jeans. “This, My Willow, I can do.” Sliding his hands up Barrack let them wonder just underneath his Willow’s shirt lightly playing along exposed skin.

“On the terrace? Please?” Willow’s slight breath against his neck is just about his undoing.

“Anything, My Willow, wants.”

“Fuck.” Dropping the water bottle Willow practically drags Barrack to the stairs. “Now? Please?”

Coming to an abrupt halt Barrack refuses to budge. The other man’s blue steel gray eyes look to him in confusion for only a moment. He watches as Willow lets go of his hand. Taking one step towards him Willow lowers himself to his knees, his hands dancing along one of Barrack’s legs. Willow’s cheek nuzzles his crotch. Those impossible eyes look up at him from under long black lashes. “Please?” Groaning loudly his fingers run themselves through his Willow’s soft hair, gripping. Those lips kiss his throbbing length through his jeans. “Please? Bare, please? On the terrace, please?”

I’m Doing Stuff

I thought you guys would like to know what I’m attempting to do while gimpy.

  1. Triplex – It’s a M/M/M poly submission for Storm Moon Press — this one is flowing very well and I have a feeling it will be finished by the end of May
  2. Tyke – Think WWII POW and the loyalty of a military dog; it’s also a Storm Moon Press anthology submission — I haven’t officially started writing this one but I have the outline for it. The outline may need a little tweaking but I think I can hammer this bitch out.
  3. Never Close Your Eyes – Angels, forgiveness, and gay smex; it’s also a Storm Moon Press anthology submission — I only have the overall summary for this with no outline or anything but it’s not due till July 31st so I’ve a little time to get things done.
  4. Multifarious – Polyamorous, Bisexual, BDSM Vampires. Yes, you read that sexy shit right. Stop drooling.
  5. Überleben – WWII POW and the underlying need to survive and the driving power of love.

That’s that! Do you think I’m trying too much while gimpy? No? I didn’t think so.

Moving on!

So far this year I’ve had three releases. His Nonexistent Coffee Break, in the Gay and Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies anthology, Freeing Pain, it’s part of a freebie Earth Day Celebration collection, and Chanson Commencante de Guerre, part of the Dracones anthology.

But, I’ve more coming down the pipe! The month of May is over and done with as far as releases but June has two! The Four of Us, part of the Dark Menagerie anthology, and Life is Unforgiving, in the Serve Me anthology, goes live. Hopefully. Fingers crossed on those. July is a mild month with only one release, The Two of Us in the Snatched anthology. August is a big month for the simple reason my novella You Are the Other Half of Me, book one of my Emotio series, becomes available!

Least everything above is the plan. Things change and stuff falls behind but I’m a wishful thinker.

I also have a few more anthologies to actually write this year. Specifically I’ve nine more. What? It’s an anthology year for me! I can’t help it! Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ve set aside plenty of time to write books as well (so don’t lynch me, thanks).

If you’d like a snippet of stuff I’m writing (unedited, you are warned!) then join my newsletter. I don’t spam (promise). Just a simple once a month exclusive update of what I’m doing, the stuff I’ve written, and general tomfoolery (i.e. I am a dork).

Also, don’t forget about my Dracones giveaway! Comment with your name and email for a chance to win. I’ve two copies to giveaway with my lovely signature inside. Entries end Friday, May 24, 2013 midnight central time.

I think that’s it for now.




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