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NSFW (usually) snippets from something I’m working on and perhaps a pic or two [equally NSFW]

Teaser Tuesday: This Isn’t Love Snippet

I’ve been asked several times which of my characters is my favorite. Below is a snippet from my favorite character’s book, This Isn’t Love, This Isn’t Me. Hopefully you guys will love Dominik just as much as I do. Mind you, this is unedited.


“Please, come with me?” Luxe begs. His one green almost teal eye begs him to give in. To run away with and never look back again. The only problem is he can’t. Nathaniel has tainted him down to his very soul.

Besides he’s not good enough for Luxe… He’s not good enough. He’s broken… Defective, unworthy of anyone’s love. He can’t burden Luxe with someone like him. Luxe deserves so much better. Luxe can have anyone the other man chooses.

Why Luxe has chosen him he doesn’t understand. He can’t understand… Everyone can see how weak he is. He couldn’t even hold onto Nathaniel’s love for a year…

“Why?” He knows he’s being stupid about this. Take Luxe’s offer… No… He can’t put Luxe in danger… He can’t be what Luxe needs him to be.

Luxe’s one soft hand gently moves over his face to trace the line of his nose, “Because I want you too, mon tresor. I want to take you away from him. Please come with me?”

He stands in complete confusion for several minutes. Blinking, nothing more. He can’t fully comprehend someone wanting to do something nice for him on purpose. Well sure the band and Sig does but they don’t count.

“Please, Dominik?” Luxe’s French accents emphasizes the “inik” of his name. It sounds like music in the tiled bathroom.

He wants to desperately to say yes. To leave but he can’t… Afraid he will say to much he merely shakes his head no. He can’t risk talking anymore to this man. The man who makes him forget himself threatening everything he’s worked so hard to keep secret.

Luxe’s handsome face falls in disappointment, and at this moment he feels even more like a failure for causing such distress in Luxe. This pink haired man has accomplished in less then five minutes what Nathaniel has been trying to do for years.

He wants to please this man. He doesn’t want to cause Luxe any undo sadness at all. The only reason such feelings arise with Nathaniel is because he doesn’t want to be beaten but with Luxe it’s different. He wishes to do everything in his power to make Luxe happy.

He knows what’s best for Luxe and he certainly is not it. Luxe doesn’t know this yet but in time he will. The wonderfully caring man will see how defective and broken he is and leave him behind just as everyone else has. He knows this.

He knows he can easily fall in love with this man and once his heart is opened like that it will be easy to shred into a million little pieces. Something like that he can’t recover from.

He can’t take that kind of rejection. Not from Luxe.

He can’t.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers so softly he has major doubts Luxe could even hear him.

A soft sigh and another small kiss startles him to say the least.

Luxe once again steals his breath away with the most tenderest of kisses. “You have nothing to be sorry for, mon tresor.”

Luxe’s words spiral him into an even deeper pit of confusion.

Teaser Tuesday: B&W Snippet

Here’s a section from Barrack and Willow’s fourth book, How Can This Be. They’re my most exhibitionist couple ever.


Barrack startled awake.

“Time to wake up!” Willow announced from his perch atop Barrack’s hips.

Groaning, Barrack snatched Willow’s pillow to cover his face. “Why are you so chipper this morning? This is unnatural.”

Barrack’s muffled voice pulls a smile from Willow. “Because!” Willow bounced, “I want to see BonBon! Fuck Barrack I haven’t seen my dog in almost nine months! Now up, up, up! Move it! I want my dog!”

Groaning again, Barrack allowed Willow to pull away his shield. “You don’t get this excited for anything.”

Willow’s already perfect make up and hair told Barrack he’s been up at least for an hour and a half. At least. “Do too.” Willow bounced again.

“Like what?” Hugging the bouncing man to his chest is more for his bladders sake than anything else.

“Sex. Duh. It’s just in a different form. Now move it! My dog awaits!” Letting go of a very excited Willow he watched as Willow hurried off into the closet. “FUCK! How am I supposed to pick what to wear! There’s so many new choices! Shit! Barrack!! This is all your fault!!”

Rolling from bed, Barrack made a break for the bathroom. This is his cue to leave.

Teaser Tuesday: B&W Snippet

Here’s a section from Barrack and Willow’s fourth book, How Can This Be. They’re my most exhibitionist couple ever.


“Make love to me, please?”

Willow’s arms tighten around his neck and his soft question left a wet spot inside his jeans. “This, My Willow, I can do.” Sliding his hands up Barrack let them wonder just underneath his Willow’s shirt lightly playing along exposed skin.

“On the terrace? Please?” Willow’s slight breath against his neck is just about his undoing.

“Anything, My Willow, wants.”

“Fuck.” Dropping the water bottle Willow practically drags Barrack to the stairs. “Now? Please?”

Coming to an abrupt halt Barrack refuses to budge. The other man’s blue steel gray eyes look to him in confusion for only a moment. He watches as Willow lets go of his hand. Taking one step towards him Willow lowers himself to his knees, his hands dancing along one of Barrack’s legs. Willow’s cheek nuzzles his crotch. Those impossible eyes look up at him from under long black lashes. “Please?” Groaning loudly his fingers run themselves through his Willow’s soft hair, gripping. Those lips kiss his throbbing length through his jeans. “Please? Bare, please? On the terrace, please?”

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