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NSFW (usually) snippets from something I’m working on and perhaps a pic or two [equally NSFW]

What’d Y’all Think?

For the past two months or so I’ve implemented a posting schedule. What did you guys think? Be honest now.

Teaser Tuesday: Forbidden

This is from Forbidden, my “Devout” submission for Storm Moon Press. It’s a press centered anthology that I’m really excited about.


He was surrounded by friends, dare he call some family. Together they celebrated, feasted, and glorified in the aftermath that was their victory. His men’s energy pulsed in the air. Their merriment almost brought him some meaning of reality.

His two best friends, Shiro and Takeo, beside him laughed the loudest. Cheered with crashing sound. Boasted with profanity. And hailed with jarring consequence.

If at any point Izo Hidehisa felt anymore alone it was now. He was isolated in his own bleak misery. For despite appearances and his power within the Hidehisa clan he was totally alone. Isolated with his own secrets.

The party heightened when several geisha appeared. They flirted and poised behind their seductive fans. Stark white faces reminded Izo of bloodless bodies on the battle field. Their red lips hinted at spilled blood.

He took a long swig of his saki. His friend, Takeo, bumped him over the shoulder. A small slice of pain scurried down his arm but he said nothing of it. “The one is eyeing you, old friend.” He spoke in fluent Japanese as everyone at the party save one slave boy from the wilds.

Izo eyed the geisha in question. She was young and shy in her flirtations but sensual and seductive. She knew of her fine beauty, her sly come hither smile, and used it to her full advantage. He grunted but made no move to answer his friend. Both Shiro and Takeo knew it was beneath them to hire a geisha. Not by their own standards but by the standards of society. Samurai were held to a higher esteem. For once, Izo didn’t mind.

Teaser Tuesday: Life is Unforgiving Snippet

Here’s a little sneak peek into an upcoming anthology release, Serve Me. The title within the anthology below is titled Life is Unforgiving. This world is an entire series called Life is Priceless.


“I-” He’s really trusting me… I’ve never had a master who trusted me before. “Thank you, Master.”

“You’re welcome, Aidan.” He turns, heading for Levent and who I’m assuming is the shop owner. “I warn you.” Master stops but doesn’t turn to look at me. “Abuse my trust and the consequences will be severe and you will never have it again.”

“Yes, Master.”

He turns, looking me over and I feel the heat of his gray eyes. “I’ve been very good to you, Aidan, abuse what I freely give and everything changes.”

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