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NSFW (usually) snippets from something I’m working on and perhaps a pic or two [equally NSFW]

Slice Wednesday: The Four of Us

A little taste of what’s in my last anthology release with Storm Moon Press, Dark Menagerie. It’s a little bit horror and a little bit mythical. Enjoy.


It’s what drives us. The four of us.

The inner need compels us despite our ever-present want for normalcy. We can never have what others have.

“Please!” His screams echo. Our own piercing cries vibrate along the earth. Thundering hooves beat the ground, playing a symphony of death.

Whoever he is, pleads again. We don’t care, we can’t. It’s not in our nature to care. The four of us laugh. Our own laughter echoes within.

Look at the little human run.

He’s ours!

The marrow is ours.

Run, human.

We laugh again despite the dulling chase. The four of us come to a mutual agreement: end it now. We speed up, easily enough to catch a human. Hunting humans has lost its thrill.

The four of us tune together like a well-orchestrated piece. We know what to do.

As to who is who and who does what, it’s all very unclear. We are so well attuned it seems as if we are one. We’ve been together so long our thoughts have intertwined. Our own individual identities have vanished. We all think and feel as one.

“No! I-” His last words die in a gurgle of blood, and his windpipe collapses under the pressure of our jaw. A bone snapping crunch and another final cry ends this chaos only to bring anew.

The four of us fight for supremacy; we fight for the best meat. It’s truly the only time we seem to be individuals. But even in this frenzied state the old habit of our and we cannot be broken.

Our bodies slam against one another; we bite, kick and scream for dominance. The tenderest and most valued part of our quarry can only go to one of us. The heart. It’s the whole reason we even orchestrate this little sham of a hunt. Without the heart of a human we will die. As individuals we must consume one every other moon. If one of us, as individuals, need it more than the another is inconsequential. Whomever reaches the heart first is the victor.

Our hooves smash the human’s fragile bones. A kicking hoof rips open the dead thing’s chest, exposing what we all desire the most. Our fighting intensifies, if possible, escalating to a height we haven’t achieved in well over two centuries.  Violence such as this was common place of ages ago.

Slice Wednesday: Dying Wish

This comes from Dying Wish, it’s book one (if you will) of my Paradise mini-series. Well, if this little novelette does well it’ll becomes a series. Dying Wish releases this month from Rooster and Pig Publishing.


The forest melted away around Logan, his mind drifting. He stood awkwardly in a tux his best friend rented for him about a week ago. A glass of champagne hung in his hand. Dancing couples moved about, laughing and joking. The new married couple: his best friend Ethan and his wife, Monica, who Logan had only met a few times before, danced the night away.

Ethan was always good to him. He had made sure the wedding was within five miles of Logan’s home so Logan could attend. Monica wasn’t happy about it, but she conceded after they met for the first time. From what Logan had seen of her, she was a sweet, charming woman.

Her brother, Daniel, was the exact opposite. Logan only met him for the first time that morning and immediately disliked him. Daniel was too loud and overbearing for Logan’s taste.

The man in question glided across the dance floor. His dark jeans and lavender dress shirt, sleeves rolled to just below his elbows, spoke of his sense of style. A little girl was standing on his feet, laughing as they twirled. Daniel’s smile lit up the room.

He stood watching the two for a moment, Daniel’s smile reminded him of Ethan’s, and his thoughts turned to memories of him and Ethan as children. He’d had a crush on Ethan once upon a time, but one night when Ethan was staying over, Ethan allowed them to kiss. Ethan said he wasn’t gay, but he wanted his best friend’s first kiss to be with someone Logan really liked. After that, Logan knew he loved Ethan, but he wasn’t in love with Ethan.

“Care to dance, you grump?”

Startled from his memories, Logan stared at Daniel’s outstretched hand. Daniel wiggled his fingers in a silent invitation. “Come on,” Daniel urged, “you know you want to.” Daniel took his champagne glass and set it on a nearby table. “Let’s dance, you and I.”

Daniel dragged him to the dance floor. Logan’s anxiety shot through the roof, his palms sweated and his breathing increased. “Easy,” Daniel soothed. “I’ve got you.” Daniel’s whisper combined with his firm hold over Logan helped ease Logan’s discomfort.

“Thank you.” Daniel’s aftershave and cologne smelled all too good.

Daniel chuckled as he led them around the dance floor. It was surprisingly easy with Daniel, the gentle way he guided Logan, pressed them together and filled the silence with idle chatter. Normally, Logan found talking annoying, but Daniel’s was like pleasant background noise.

“Do you still hate me?”

Daniel’s question took Logan by surprise. “I never hated you.”

“But you didn’t like me.”

It wasn’t a question. “You’re loud.” Logan hid his face against Daniel’s neck, embarrassed. He truly wanted to leave and hide, but Daniel’s grip wouldn’t allow it.

“Well, if that doesn’t hurt a man’s ego.” A firm hand to the middle of Logan’s back massaged its way up and down again. “Care to make my ego all better with a lunch date?”

Logan wanted to go, but he couldn’t. “I—” His anxiety rose unchecked.

“A late dinner? Less people that way. We’d go to the place just around the corner. The little diner.” Daniel pressed a kiss to his temple. “It’s in your comfort zone.”

“You know about that?” He didn’t know if this made him feel better or not.

Daniel hummed. “Ethan told me. I hope that was okay.”

“You’re not what I thought.”

“I can be a bit deceiving. So about that date?”

Logan sighed and rested his head on Daniel’s shoulder. “Okay.” For once, Logan was going to take a chance instead of letting his anxiety rule his life.

Ethan and Monica’s wedding melted away. The image of Logan and Daniel dancing was the last thing to go, and it was the most painful.

New “Schedule”

You guys may or may not remember but I held a pole about my schedule. I asked what you guys thought. So this is what I’m going to do.

Mercy Mondays are staying every Monday. The first Monday is the new to-do list followed by updates every Monday after. I might skip one or two by accident but you guys seem to like seeing what I’m doing. Stalkers.

Teaser Tuesdays will now be Slice Wednesdays but have the same content. I can’t guarantee things will always be posted but I’ll give it my best shot. WIPed Wednesday is staying. The two days will alternate with a free Wednesday in between.

So that’s that. Here’s a hot guy.


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