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Grizzly #AtoZChallenge

Rating: PG

Gunner stood in the locker rooms, hands in his pockets, mouthing a cough drop. He was taking on a new charge, a Grizzly bear named Gustave. Others had tried but the animal had hardly moved since his arrival two weeks ago. All vet checks had come back normal.

He was brought in to help with Gustave. If he couldn’t then the animal might not survive.

A door slammed somewhere else in the facility breaking Gunner from his thoughts. He made his way from the locker room to the bear enclosures. Gustave was easy to spot. The bear didn’t move except for his breathing.

Gunner stepped inside and ignored the women trying to talk to him about Gustave. “Give me a minute.” He told her and stepped away. Gunner wanted a few minutes with the bear.

Gustave took a heavy breath. His large head lifted and his black eyes bore into Gunner’s sole. “Hi.” He said. Something, a glimmer of knowing, brightened Gustave’s eyes. “You’re a Grizzly and I’m a Kodiak. What are you doing?” Something woodsy with a hint of cottonwood tickled his nose. Gunner’s inner bear fought to come to the surface. “You are not allowed to sit here and die.” It’s not fair to make me watch my mate die. He sent mentally.

Gustave shook his head then stood. My mother passed away. In my grief I did some stupid things.

Gunner wanted to rub against Gustave and hunker down in a cuddle pile. I’m sorry.

Not your fault. Help me?

I will do everything in my power to get you out of here.

“Gunner?’ The woman prodded from across the room. I’ll be back.

Please, hurry,
Gunner walked away leaving a portion of his heart behind.

Fickle Frank #AtoZChallenge

Rating: PG

“Is Frank coming over?” Fitz asked while putting away the last of the dishes.

Farrah shrugged then wiped his hands on a dishtowel. “He said he was but he won’t.”

Fitz opened his mouth to speak but the phone ringing cut him off. Fitz watched him reach for it and answer. He knew immediately it was Frank. The man always called about an hour before to cancel, it was a pattern with him.

When he and Fitz first moved into their new patio home they invited their neighbor Frank over all the time. They felt bad for him since no one ever came over. Farrah also pointed out the lack of furniture or any furnishings in the home. That was almost a year ago.

Their invitations had tapered off since Frank always canceled on them. In fact Farrah could only remember Frank actually coming over three times out of the hundreds of times they’ve invited him. “No, it’s okay Frank.” Farrah heard Fitz say and he knew Frank wasn’t coming.

He sighed and headed for the front to grab the package left on the stoop. It came earlier but he and Fitz were preoccupied…

The sun shone bright as Farrah bent to retrieve the box. A stray paper caught his eye. He shook his head and went to pick up the paper. Littering got on his absolute last nerve.

Paper in hand and his box he went back inside. With the box on the table he went for the trash when he noticed the name on the paper. Frank Frander.

He held it up and began to read (even though he knew he shouldn’t, he just couldn’t help himself). Fitz came up behind him. “Whatcha got?”

Farrah said nothing; instead, he handed Fitz the paper.

Farrah stood still processing what he read. The letter was declaring Frank’s ex-wife had petitioned for sole custody of their two sons. It was dated well over three months ago. Things finally clicked for Farrah as to why Frank was never around.

“Think we should help him?” Fitz asked.


Fitz kissed his neck. “Don’t know. We’ll think of something. We always do.”

Farrah had to admit Fitz was right. They’d think of something.

Even #AtoZChallenge

Rating: R

It was a jerk then a snap, pain sliced up Enzo’s arm to settle in his shoulder before fading away. His broken arm from moments before flexed with each pump of his flexing fingers. Ezra was going to pay for that one. His lover of over a thousand years had set the trap. It was their version of love notes. Who could cause the other more physical pain?

So far the answer had been elusive for neither could truly be hurt.

“Well that didn’t work.” Ezra’s voice came from somewhere behind him.

He turned to find a pair of acid green, glowing eyes staring at him. “Does it ever?”

A speck of a shimmer tinted dark blue scurried through the air outlining a body followed by a smoke. The fog trailing soon revealed the very naked body of Ezra standing proud in every sense of the word. “As foreplay?” He sauntered over, his body slinking like a snake on the hunt. “Yes” A forked tongue tasted the air, scenting his own awakening arousal, no doubt.

“Such a naughty demon.” Enzo reached out and pulled Ezra to himself. His skin was cool and smooth to Enzo’s touch.

Ezra smirked revealing sharpened teeth. “Such a naughty imp.” Enzo’s lips curled with a snarl. His grip tightened, if Ezra were human his bones would’ve snapped. “Good boy.” Ezra said with an air of mischief. He knew how much Enzo hated being called an imp.

He growled. “You’ll pay for that.”

Ezra chuckled, the sound of the devil himself. “I was hoping you’d say that.”

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