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I Counted…


Dominik – 7 (two not yet posted)

Aksel – 5

Rex – 5

Bishop – 5

Titus – 5



Life is Priceless – 15

The Cornerstone Foundation – 15

Plaything and Toyless Trinkets – 9

Tarragon – 10 (two not yet posted)

Dinosaur Island – 14

Blizzard Lions – 14

Sastrugi – 21

Single Title – 1

TOTAL: 137


Deceivers – 5

Damnation – 3

Single Titles – 3

Valk – 8

Experiment 783 – 4

Unknown Society – 7

Single Titles – 2

Shorts – 27


195 Doesn’t include several anthology novellas and shorts I plan on completing for an open call or two new books. Nor does it include several idea I have floating in my head that yet have names or any real purpose.

Yeah, I counted. I shouldn’t have.


I shall assume you’ve all heard about Murph’snew little WIP H(A)UNTED, well this is mine: MURDERS(S). Murph and I are collaborating to create a skeery anthology consisting of three stores. Two by me and one by Murph. I know, I know, why two me and one Murph?

Well my two will be on the novella length side of things where as Murph’s will be more on the novel side of things. Get it?

The order will be as follows:

We are thinking about releasing them as free reads. Good idea? Yes? No?

Anyways this little bit is the opening to MURDERS(S) written in the POV of the “leader” of the group Jacy.

When you hear a place is haunted what do you think?

My friends and I visit supposed haunted places for fun. Call us crazy if you want but it’s our entertainment. We have a new member of our little crazy house team, her name is Leann. Perfect, sweet, little miss popular Leann. When I first saw her I immediately thought daddy’s little virgin girl. She’s the type who smiles a lot, has perfect teethe, bakes cookies, runs the student council, plays volleyball, goes to church, and still manages to makes straight As. She’s the bitch we all hate.

I know the only reason she wants to hang out with us is because she has a crush on Taylor.

There’s this old abandoned slave church on old County Road 783. We take every new person there to see what they’re made of. You can’t survive the trip you can’t survive with us. We all know she’s not really into this stuff so what better way to get rid of her than to scare the shit out of her?

We’ve been there countless times before, partying and fucking. How were we supposed to know this time would be different? Nothing ever happened so of course we weren’t scared. We didn’t have a reason to be: until now.


where does it come from?

How do you get your ideas?

Mine just come from the oddest things. For instance the other day I typo spelled flashlight and now my head is spinning with what the typo could turn into. So far my typo is an elite force of some kind of paranormal kritter or a high class of kritter with a society, a royal family of sorts. I feel either an epically long novel or seven book series growing from a typo…

Really a typo?

Damn typo… I knew they were evil.

Another place I was WIPed across the face was a tweet to a friend. I don’t exactly know what I said but we were talking about muses and how naughty they were. Cue new book idea. A nice little book has evolved with a possible novella sequel. From a tweet… really?

I got another good plot idea from a nonwriterly friend’s tweet. No new book for it but I have figured out a way to incorporate it into a book for my Cornerstone Foundation series I plan on starting next year. This particular book I’m talking about was stuck on a very cliched concept but now it’s a whole lot better thanks to a friend’s tweet about camping with bitches…

The other day I was driving in not so put together part of town and a man stood next to the curb in front of a run down gas station. I passed by and he crossed the street to the median, waited, then continued on his way across a parking lot. I thought, Where is he going and why?

Scenario one: He’s on his way to complete a drug deal only a vampire scurries in to change him and he leads a life as Houston’s drug lord till a hunter swoops in to kill him only to fall in love.

Scenario two: He’s walking home from seeing his kids that his baby momma won’t let him see and he has to sneak around to see them. He hates his baby momma for it and she won’t let him see his kids because he now “decided” to be gay.

Scenario three: He’s a prostitute on his way back to his john which led into a whole thing for a spin off for my Emotio boys that I already had in mind but no plot or ideas for it and tuhdah! Found it.

Although I’ll probably use the other two scenarios but change it up a bit for a different series…


On to the next source of inspiration that isn’t all that strange but still…

My friend Vicktor Alexander asked me to be a moderator for his yahoo group and I thought, Sure why not, anything for my king (I call Vic my Evil Bastard King and he calls me his Queen just fyi). Anyways of course this involves lots of emails, communication, and reminders. Well that first night I had dream that he and I were married but only for the convenience of it. I had another dream the next night and one last night. This has spawned five novels exploring their relationship because he is gay and she never wanted to get married. Oh the convenience of it all…


Not convenient… not at all… for me! I’ve three books that I must finish now but alas my muse thought it funny to bombard me with new shiny things to distract me… damn muse!

So far with writing this week I’ve got ditally squat but I’ve plotted till my muse seems satisfied. Truly I have. I’ve figured out things for other books that have been bothering Him for quite some time now along with new ideas to make the old ones better. Maybe now He’ll let me write what I need to? Yes? Maybe…? Please?
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