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I think I’ma do something…

Well Animus said so and I argued then we fought and yeah…

Last year I participated in the A to Z challenge and almost died. No, not really but you get point.

Just in case you don’t know what A to Z Challenge is it’s a blogging challenge. Everyday you post something to do with that day’s corresponding alphabet letter.

Anyways, I did a M/M theme (DUH) and got loads of positive responses. They’re varying lengths and such but most of them I can easily expand. Animus decided (without my consent) to expand most if not all of the posts into extremely short shorts of about a thousand to fifteen hundred words.

Since my muse is ornery I’ve no choice but to agree… So that’s whats going to happen in whatever little spare time I have. I’ll put them together into one ebook for free or submit them somewhere and see what happens.

Now, I’m off. I’m sitting with a sick Ryan and he’s upset at me for being on the computer. He wants cuddles.

I Think Animus is Trying to Kill Me

If I’ve learned anything, it’s how my process for writing a book starts. I’ve got it down pretty good. It kind of goes like this:

  1. Title
  2. A few basic plot sentences
  3. Overall book plot from the plot sentences
  4. Detailed chapter plot from the overall book plot
  5. Write the shit

That’s it. Lor’s process for all to see. Real difficult isn’t it? It took about two books before I really got it down and figured out what I needed to do in order to get things going. But before this I sort of had an overall idea of what I needed to do. It was just the finer points needed a little ironing.

This week Animus and I (mostly Animus) decided to try a new venture. Serial Fiction. Truly, this blame belongs to Storm Moon Press via Samantha Derr. LONG STORY. Anyway, when Animus decided to do this I, the author, had no idea how the hell to get it going. I’ve tried to do it my usual way but it wasn’t working.

While I was trying to hammer this out Animus (the asshole) whispered to me. He said to draw up a crude map. I told him to shut the hell up and stubbornly trudged on. It didn’t work. He laughed at me. Poor Epicene stood on the opposite side of the room eyeing the both of us.

I caved and drew the damn “map” and I’m loathed to admit Animus was right. Took a break, petted my cat, came back from the kitchen and Animus said, “Bio’s for all the characters in the serial fiction, even the little supportive ones.” I said, okay.

I’m not going to fight him on this. Not even in the least. The fucker was right about the map so I shall foolishly assume he’s right on this too.

The thing that pisses me off the most about all this is it isn’t quick. Okay, lie. Nothing about writing a book is quick but each process once I start, besides number 5, can be completed in a sitting. Usually.

This serial fiction thing is frustrating. Frustrating as hell.

Funny thing is, I think I like it. It’s something a little different than what I usually do and a welcome change.

I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted.

If I remember.

Hold On

The underlying sex and hard beat make Adam Lambert’s Hold On my new favorite at the moment.

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