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The Next Big Thing: WIP Discussion

Okay, wifey Murph tagged me in this shit via our other wifey Patty… Here it goes…

1) What is the working title of your book?
Which one? I’ve got several in the works right now…  So I’ll just list them. How’s that?

  1. Dracones – anthology submission
  2. Serve Me – anthology submission
  3. Life is Priceless: book one: Life is Unchanging
  4. Sastrugi: book one: Shear Walls
  5. The Pirates of Lu’Wren Cove: book one: Untitled
  6. The Cornerstone Foundation Series: book one: Gone But Not Forgotten
  7. Tarragon: book one: Chanson de Goerre
  8. Dinosaur Island: book one: Diversity Isn’t Key
  9. Blizzard Lions: book one: Babylon Labyrinth
  10. Emotio: Willow’s Branch Book Four: Hold Me Close, Whisper to Me
  11. Emotio: Willow’s Branch Spin-off Two: Come Real Close, Baby Come To Me
  12. Emotio: Willow’s Branch Spin-off Three: I Know That We Are Worlds Apart
  13. Emotio: Willow’s Branch Spin-off Four: Love on Me Baby You Know How
  14. Emotio: Dominik’s Branch Book Two: I Dream of Love, I Dream of Peace

2) Where did the idea come from for the book?

Uhh… Well Emotio was inspired by Adam Lambert. As for the rest? Various things. I can’t really say exactly what it was… Well Sastrugi came about because Patty and I went to the zoo in New Mexico. The Pirates of Lu’Wren Cove because I was emailing Piper Vaughn. Life is Priceless was a complete accident. Originally I had the titles for my Playthings and Toyless Trinkets, another vampire based series. I found the titles about a week ago and a new series was born. The rest Animus just sort of threw at me…

3) What genre does your book fall under?
Emotio is my only contemporary I have. The rest are paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy,  or any combination thereof.

4) Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Uhhhh….. I have no idea.

5) What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

I take no responsibility for run-on sentences or gibberish. This mean test was sprung on me!!!!!

  1. Life is Unchanging: Life is unchanging, wholly boring and utterly useless, Levent sets out to find some form of entertainment; he just didn’t expect to find it in a “blood bag,” a human.
  2. Shear Walls: When humans come too close the polar bear shifters must act, when one turns out to be the “unpure” mate to a bear getting the others to accept the little human will be harder than climbing shear walls.
  3. Pirates Unnamed Book: Sailing the seas is dangerous, especially with the crew of the Lady Wren stalking her waters, one chance encounter turns the crews’ world upside down and threatens to reveal their secrets.
  4. Gone But Not Forgotten: Enforcer Wolves, a title equating death, all fear them and all stay away, it is believed they don’t have mates or feel the bond, but what if everyone is wrong?
  5. Chanson de Guerre (Warsong or Song of War): The war between dragons and dragon shifters is wearing both sides down, the two species stay apart at all costs, but fate has other ideas.
  6. Diversity Isn’t Key: What if time forgot about you?
  7. Babylon Labyrinth: Yellowstone National Park is a labyrinth of formations and trees, Lynx and his friends set out on a hiking trip, they would’ve never left if they knew none them would ever come back.
  8. Hold Me Close, Whisper to Me: The issue of the twins is putting strain on Barrack and Willow but so is Willow wishing to reveal himself to the world, but what would they do with the twins?
  9. Come Real Close, Baby Come to Me: Deception is no way to start out a relationship, even if it’s to save the one you care for.
  10. I Know That We Are Worlds Apart: Coming from two different worlds isn’t easy nor does it usually work out, Grant is determined to break the stereotype with or without Chol’s help.
  11. Love on Me Baby You Know How: Fame comes at a cost, some manage it well and others let their personal relationships fall by the wayside, what will Ozark do?
  12. I Dream of Love, I Dream of Peace: Dominik continues to battle with his feelings and how Nathaniel treats him, one night seals his and Luxe’s fate forever.

6) Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
All of the Emotio titles will be self-pubbed (I think), the rest I will seek a publishing house home for them.

7) How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
Usually I can crank out two 50k novel-ish things in a 30 day period.

8) What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
I have no idea… I do know most of my things I haven’t seen, read, or heard about in my genre but that’s not to say it isn’t out there.

9) Who or what inspired you to write this book?
If I don’t write Animus kicks my ass, so…

10) What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
They’re different that what’s out there. From my understand anyway.

I think I’m supposed to tag others but I honestly can’t think of anyone else to tag… So, that’s it.

Dominik’s First Book

Is finished! I also included a little snippet from the last chapter.
Do enjoy.
Flashes cascade across the audience, stars with a moment of life before they snuff out, swallow by a black hole. Much like the lives I everyone here. A flash of something in a moment of time but when compared to everything a human’s life sniffs out just as quickly as a camera flash. What someone does with this small flash of existence is completely up to them.
Also to remind you this blog will be closing on August 22nd. After the 22nd I will no longer be posting in here regularly. Instead, I will be posting on my site

Well crap…

If you kept up with me over this years at A to Z challenge you might’ve noticed a GBLT theme. If not then you’re blind… anyways from this three of the insane amount of posts have stuck in my head.

These three will be expanded upon and have their own books. Exciting, no?

I’m thinking Undoubtedly Undead will be the foundation to a new series that I know my wifey Patty will enjoy because she’s a vamp nerd. Now I can this because she’s my wifey. Anyone else say it and I knock you over the head with my extremely heavy pen. >.<

Moving on…

Nothing Naughty and Young Yearnings will either be Emotio spin-offs somehow (more than likely not from Willow’s branch but another band member’s) or stand alone singles. I haven’t really made up my mind on this and to be honest I won’t know how they’d fit into the series till I write it. Or if they’ll even be in the series as spin-offs at all. Totally just repeated myself… anyhow…

The titles will also change, so down the line (like way dooooooooooooown) don’t be all snarky with me because you don’t see them. You do see them. They just be camouflaged.

See I is sneaky.
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