A New Newsletter or Two

A New Newsletter or Two

I’ve been very silent on the newsletter front. For one I couldn’t find a newsletter host-thing that I really liked and that was just a bummer. It drug me down and made making newsletters not so fun (and I’m all about fun).

Now the fun (for me) is back.

I have two new newsletters for you guys and both can be found here. One is all about the author that is me and the other is all about a little series I’m going to be putting out exclusively through this newsletter (FOR FREE) called I ❤ U.

The I ❤ U newsletter will have a little bit about author me but not as much as my author one. Did I mention the story will be a monthly deal? A chapter a month until the story is finished (and that’s looking like it’s going to be awhile). The first two chapters will be available here on my site but after that it’s newsletter only!

I plan to have I ❤ U going by June or July. It’s BDSM goodness with Valentine’s conversation heart titles making them a little naughty and a little sweet.

All you have to do is signup using the forms and you’ll be automatically added.

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