Another Altercation #AtoZChallenge

ARating: PG13

Alton sat with defeat. The couch sank under him just as his world was sinking. “This just isn’t working.” He said to the ground, a piece of broken chip from their fight last night stood stark against the rug under the coffee table.

He heard Arwan sigh. The sound was deep as if Arwan was accepting what he was saying. “I know.” Was all he said but to Alton it spoke much more. It told him Arwan had given up on them already, that they weren’t worth fighting for, that he wasn’t worth fighting for.

Alton nodded then got up with a grunt. “I’ll get my stuff tomorrow when you’re gone.” With that he left leaving Arwan’s words hanging in the air unheard. He made his way down the stairs to where his car was parked and got inside.
He moved on auto pilot to start the car and exit the apartment complex he’d come to think of as a second home over the last eighteen months. After tomorrow it’d be a home he’d never return again.

About Lor Rose

I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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