Holiday Horse #AtoZChallenge2015

Rating: NC 17 – Strong Sexual Content Between Male Characters

“Oh, yes. Right there. Right there. Heath. Gawd, yes.” Moans and incoherent pleas settled into the stable. Flesh smacking flesh interrupted the voice only to intensify the voice for a moment.

Hank knew he shouldn’t be listening but it was like hearing the best gossip every told in human existence.

“Like that, baby?” A deep husky voice asked. “Like my cock in your ass?”

Something that sounded like ‘oh-jesus-fuck’ was lost in a wave of moans. Hank’s cock came to life with a twitch. Startled, Hank stepped back. “Shit!” Hank fell backwards over a bail of hay landing in a heap.

Groaning, Hank got to his hands and knees. He blinked only to find two naked feet. His gaze traveled up solid calfs and strong thighs only to stop at a very hard cock directly at eye level.

Hank swallowed. Hard.

“Listening?” Hank now knew he was staring at Heath’s penis.

“Oh, he was.” Hank looked to see a naked Hal lounging over a blanketed bail of hay like a content cat. “Like what you heard?” Hal asked.

“I- uh.” Hank licked his lips.

Hal smirked, it reminded Hank of a scheming fox, and shifted on the bail of hay. He now sat facing them, thighs spread wide. His hand lazily pumped his erect shaft with ease. “Come here.”

Hal ordered and Hank found himself rising to obey. “Uh-uh.” Hal nodded to the ground. “Crawl.”

Hank swallowed and looked at Heath as if asking permission.

“You heard him.” Heath said. “Crawl.”

Without thinking, Hank was crawling forward towards his prize. He faltered a foot or so away. just how close was he supposed to get?

Hal gripped the base of his cock, pushing it forward. “Suck me. I want you to gag on my cock.”

Hank swallowed, he’d never done anything like this before. “I…”

Hands, Heath’s hands, slid around his waistline to his zipper. Expert hands rid him of his pants. warm air hit his skin only to be replaced by a different heat. “Say this is okay.” Heath’s voice next to his ear sent a tingling of want through Hank. Tiny kisses trailed over his neck and shoulder.

“Never… Be gentle with me.”

A hand in his hair felt nice until he was jerked back. Hal was smiling down at him. “Not to gentle, I hope.”

Hank’s answer was lost when Hal leaned in to kiss him stealing his thoughts.

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