Giving Gifts #AtoZChallenge2015

Rating: R

Gus collapsed in his office chair with a sigh. When his boss called him into the conference room he wasn’t expecting that. A slight reprimand for something, absolutely. A barely there compliment, sure. But that? Not in a million years.

He’d only been the head accountant here for less then a year and from previous experience, that wasn’t done for accountants. Accountants were the unsung heroes of all companies everywhere. No one threw birthday parities for accountants.

Gus chuckled to himself. He sat up only then noticing a sleek present on his desk. The box was a sophisticated matte black with matching top. A wide red ribbon held the box together tied off with a large bow.

Puzzled, Gus opened the box with a little more care then probably necessary.

Inside was a small manila card that looked expensive sat atop velvet. Embossed on the front were the words ‘Happy Birthday’ in fancy, silver calligraphy writing. The paper was surprisingly heavy, for paper anyway, and felt thick under his touch. The same silver writing was inside with the words ‘To my one and only.’

Gus swallowed and set the card down. He reached for the velvet, his hand shaking, and pulled the velvet up. Underneath was a thin silver chain necklace with a tiny lock. “Do you like it?”

Gus jumped and looked up to see Gil in the doorway. The head of marketing looked damn good in his black suite and a little nervous. “I…” Gus didn’t know what to say. This was just so…

Gil walked into his office shutting the door behind him. Gil walked over to stand next to him in the chair. He went to one knee and pulled a tiny velvet box from his inside jacket pocket.

This couldn’t be happening.

“Gus, will you wear my collar and my ring?” He opened the box to reveal a simple silver band. “Will you marry me?”

Gus’ breathing faltered, stopping all together. His heart was going to burst it was beating so fast.

He didn’t speak, he couldn’t.

Instead he reached out, weaving his fingers into Gil’s hair and kissed his Master. Strong, firm hands smoothed over his thighs. Gus automatically parted his legs allowing his Master access.

Gil scooted forward, still on his knee, planting himself between Gus’ spread thighs.

“Yes. Yes. Absolutely, yes.”

Gil chuckled and took Gus’ left hand, placing the ring on the appropriate finger. “How about we celebrate tonight?”

“I’d rather be home and in bed with you.”

A villainous smirk made Gil look both evil and sexy. Gus loved it. “That can be arranged, Pet.”

A shiver tickled Gus’ spine to settle in his cock at the intimate nickname. He loved how his Master affected him.

Who was he kidding? He just loved his Master.


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