Fragrance Fumes #AtoZChallenge2015

Rating: PG-13

Fai stood in the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee. His boyfriend, Fitz, was in the back room changing for work. They’d spent last night together for the first time and Fai was still feeling the high and a bit sore.

A smile pulled at the corners of his mouth. He wouldn’t mind another round but Fitz had to get to work and so did he, unfortunately.

Fai sighed and set his coffee on the counter. He went to the table where a box sat from his parents. The package came last night but then again so did he, several times, and the package was the last thing on his mind (least this package was, there was another he was interested in…) Fai shook his head. No time for those thoughts right now.

Opening the box was easier than he expected since most were like a damn vault. Inside was a box of cologne and a signed copy of A.N. Price’s new book, Decadence. He shook his head and added his cousin’s books to the rest on his shelf. Returning to the cologne, Fai opened it and spritzed some on his wrist. Damn, it smelt good.

“Hey babe, I’ll call you-” Fitz stopped, more like froze, mid walk. His nose crinkled and his eyes

squished together. Before Fai could ask what was wrong the loudest sneeze he ever heard escaped Fitz. No joke, it sounded like an elephant with a head-cold. Another soon followed.

“What did you spray?” Fitz barely managed before another sneeze sent him back a step.

Fai blinked then looked at the bottle. He offered it instead of a verbal answer.

“Oh great.” Fitz said before another round of sneezes hit. “I’m-” Sneeze. “Allergic.” Sneeze. “To.” Sneeze. “That.” Sneeze. “Stuff.” Sneeze.

“Oh!” Fai hurried to the sink to wash off the cologned. “I’m so sorry!”

“It’s okay.” Fitz sounded stuffed up but at least he wasn’t sneezing. “You didn’t know. I was hoping to keep that little secret until you couldn’t live without me.” He chuckled at his own joke but Fai was hoping Fitz was kidding.

“Better?” He asked, choosing to ignore Fitz’s comment.

Fitz waltzed up to him and gave him a kiss. “Now it is.” Another peck and a promise to call later sent Fitz out the door.

They’d only been dating a month but Fai was already a goner. This would be interesting since he was a cologne collector…

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