Dashingly Delightful #AtoZChallenge2015

Rating: PG

Dino slammed his cabinet echoing a crack throughout his tiny apartment. It’d been over a month since Dolph had returned to Germany but he still missed the man something terrible. He knew getting into a relationship with Dolph was stupid, especially at his age. He should’ve known better than to get into a summer-fling with some foreign handsome hunk. But the hunk was Dolph… a man he had so much in common with it was ridiculous. The chemistry between them was undeniable.

He wouldn’t admit it allowed but he loved Dolph. Admitting it would make it real and make the pain of Dolph’s absence all the more unbearable.

A knock at his door pulled a sigh from him. He wasn’t up for company. In fact all of his friends had either hung up on him or slammed the door in his face since Dolph left. Once it was his own door which was just awkward.

Dino stalked over to the door and nearly ripped it off its hinges. “What do you…” His words trailed off in the face of his visitor.

“Dino… I love you.” Dolph stood in his doorway looking tired and haggard from his long journey. His bags hung from his hands like they held the weight of the world.

He stepped aside holding open the door. “Come in.”

Dolph walked past him leaving a trail of cologne and something uniquely Dolph behind. It was a scent Dine missed more than he knew before that moment.

“We could make this work.” Dolph sounded desperate like he expected Dino to argue with him. “I need you, Dino.” He said the last bit so quietly Dino almost didn’t hear him.

Dino took a deep breath and stepped forward taking Dolph in his arms for a hug he desperately needed. “I’ll move to Germany.”

Dolph stiffened and pulled away. “You what?”

“I’ll move.” He stated again with as much resolve he could muster. “I love you, too.”

Dolph blinked, his jaw worked as if about to say something. “But… your family is here.”

“My kids are grown. They don’t need me anymore, not like they used to. I don’t own anything besides what’s in this apartment and my job is a joke. I’ll move.”

“I cannot let you do that.” Dolph didn’t have the conviction behind those words needed to actually sell them as an arguing point.

Dino shook his head. “You have a company and a young son who needs you. I’ll move. I want to move.”

Dolph’s breathing sped up. “You would for me?”

Dino shook his head again. “No, not for you but for us.”

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I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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