Barely Bare #AtoZChallenge2015

Rating: NC-17

Blair stepped out of his sweatpants and placed them inside his duffle bag without much thought.

“Hey Blair!”

Blair smiled, instantly knowing that voice. He turned to find his long term friend, Bliss, standing in the doorway. “Hey, hon. Ready for this shoot today?”

Bliss smiled and went about putting his things down. “Yeah, I’ll be honest. I need the money.”

“Who doesn’t?”

They both laughed but quieted down when the wardrobe department showed up. Both were shoved into clothes, all a size to small, and ushered into makeup then the floor where the shoot would take place.

Blair was already tired but he had to keep his energy up for this calendar shoot. It was for an erotic publisher and he and Bliss were July and November. They were shooting July first and he was a Sailor and Bliss an Army man. He had to admit Bliss looked hot in a uniform.

The photographer put them in position, facing each other pelvis to pelvis, and told them to make love eyes at each other. “That won’t be too hard.” Bliss said while the photographer stepped back.

Blair smiled while looking over his friend’s face. Bliss was right, it won’t be hard at all. If none to pressed he’d fully admit he loved Bliss and had for a while. The timing just hadn’t been right for them.

Bliss leaned in, their foreheads touching, “You know how we said we’d wait awhile?”

Blair didn’t have to ask what he meant. They’d confessed their feelings awhile ago but mutually decided to wait. He nodded.

“I don’t want to wait anymore.” Bliss said and leaned in. Their mouths met sending sparks to Blair’s toes.

He moaned. “Me either.” Their mouths connected again but this time with more heat. Blair’s hands went for Bliss’ military pants. He had to touch Bliss. Now.

Bliss was removing his sailor’s shirt and before he knew it he had Bliss in hand. Bliss moaned in his mouth and his hips jerked forward sliding himself in Blair’s hand. “That’s it.”

Blair flinched when a hand slid into his pants to cup his ass.


Someone shouting snapped them out of it. Blair turned to find the entire staff watching them. “Yes?” Bliss put so much attitude and sass into that one word it made Blair’s cock twitch.

The photographer fiddled with his camera. “I’ve never gotten The Shot in such a short time. Thanks! Now for November.”

“Give us twenty minutes.” Bliss gripped his hand and yanked him towards their dressing room.

Blair smiled and giggled. He giggled. All the way to their dressing room.

Once inside Bliss shut the door then slammed him against the hard surface. “Last chance to back out.”

There was something in Bliss’ voice, perhaps caution or even pain, that tore at Blaire. “If we don’t hurry up we won’t get paid.”

Bliss smiled and that was that.

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I am an author and press owner. The articles are posted, the writing is never done, the house is a mess. It's time for a nap.

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  1. Phew… Is it warm in here or is it just me?

  2. Oh my, that’s a really tasty short fic…

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