Woven Cover Winner & Announcement

Hey everyone!

First off, thank you for voting and helping me pick the cover! Y’all rock. The cover will be revealed at the end of this post. Second, I have some news about Woven.

I’m not sure if you noticed or not but the cover says “A Woven: Recoil Teaser”. If you did notice, I bet you probably wondered why it said that. If you didn’t notice, I just told you.

I was talking to Vic about Woven and it sort of spiraled into a trilogy based on this ménage couple. It’s based in the world of Emotio but has nothing to do with the Emotio series. Here’s the link to the page.

I thought I’d tell y’all since there seems to be a little bit of a buzz about this story.

Now for the cover reveal!

Cover Number Five!

Woven cover 5

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